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Posted by Lbat1901 - November 26th, 2020

I bet nobody was expecting another episode to be released this year especially when it's released three months after Fan Service 2, but here we are.


Sorry about that I had somethingin my throat.

Anyway.... Hello there everyone and welcome to another Eddsworld episode review. I'm Lbat1901 and I'll be your host. In today's review we will be taking a look at Casting Calls to see what it bought to the table.

The episode gives us an inside view of the many voice actors for the characters in Eddsworld. The voice actors are auditioning for the roles that they want as Edd, Tom, and Matt give out their opinions. In full honesty, this episode gives me fourth wall break vibes but mostly creation meets creator vibes.

Anywho, the first audition has Jamie Spicer-Lewis who wants to audition for the role of Matt. For the people who don't know, Jamie was one of the five actors who auditioned for the role of Edd during the time of Legacy. The role was given to Tim Hautekiet. Jamie's known roles are Commander Bai, Bartender Todd, and Tord (The End). Speaking of the role of Matt, irl Matt wasn't too happy with it and begins arguing with his animated counterpart who tells him that he's fired. Irl Matt counters this by saying "You can't fire me. I quit" before leaving the room.

Christopher Bingham also known as Bing, you know, the guy who voices his character Evil Director or Evil Producer (if you want to get technical) is next person to audition. He tries to get the role of Tom but gets rejected.

Next up is Rob Debleyker who shows up to audition while being covered in blood which Matt question but resulted in Edd and Tom not caring.

Afterwards we get to see an animated version of irl Edd's brother, George Gould that gets the voice role of Edd.

Dave McElfatrick makes an attempt for auditioning ft or the role of Tom; however, Matt tells him to make his lines clearer due to not being able to hear the lines because of his Irish accent. Dave repeats his lines before being extorted out of the room by security.

Next we get the best part of the episode where the two actors of Eduardo, Brock Baker and Chris O' Neill fought each other on who's the better actor. It eventually ends when Brock says "Soy numero uno".

After the argument, the auditions continue with Jonti Picking who does additional voices in the series; however, Matt makes him angry causing him to storm off.

We then get a glance at the animation team who all wanted to audition but Matt sprays them with a spray bottle before realizing that the animation team aren't busy animating the episode which caused the style to to turn into the 2004 style.

The last person to audition was a man named Carpert Not Matt and after saying a couple of lines, irl Matt comes in and confronts animated Matt who tell him that Not Matt was auditioning for the role of Matt. Irl Matt then reveals it himself that he was in disguise and proves it by removing the fake nose moustache which resulted in everyone applauding him.

This doesn't last long as Ell, Tamara, and Matilda make a cameo appearance before the credits roll.

Halfway through the credits, Diwi and Mike make an appearance and were given roles with Diwi voicing Edd for the German dub of the series.

And that should do it for this review. Thank you for making it this far and I'll see again when a new episode is released.

See ya


Posted by Lbat1901 - October 28th, 2020

{Edit 28/10/20: I actually talked to DA to give me a clear explanation as to why Rantception Ep1 got taken down. Apparently DA claims that it was both hate speech and harassment. Sure I did call Prince an arsehole and d*ck which was pretty mean, but I was not straight up harassing her. The only person that did was Squirp but in more of a ranting style.

Lesson learned from this is that I will be posting a disclaimer for those that plan on doing a witch hunt at the beginning of all of my Rantception episodes}

*sighs* ...2020 sure gets worse and worse........

Yeah uh, hello and good afternoon or evening(?) everyone. It's currently passed 1am and I am tired.

And yes by the title, the first episode to Rantception has been taken down. Yes, it was the one that was about princeofmints.

I was about to go to sleep till a notification came up coming from DA. Of course believing that it was a fave or a comment, I looked at and boooooooy I kinda wish I didn't.

Turns out that it was a note from the DA staff and I thought it was them responding to my Eclipse rants, but no, it had to be about Rantception Ep1.

DA apparently didn't read the disclaimer nor the edit note at the very beginning.

Despite obeying the site guidelines like the 10 Commandments, DA saw Rantception Ep1 as hate speech even though I was calling out Prince's actions which she later apologized for and I ended up forgiving her since we all say and do stupid things at times.

DA even told me that it was a little political even though they said nothing about for a span of three months.


Oh sorry DA staff, but I am little allergic to bullsh*t.

So your telling me that Rantception Ep1 was taken down because it was hate speech to a user who've apologized for their actions and it was political? Look I get that the US elections are a within a couple of days, but seriously?

Rantception as a series doesn't contain political content. Sure it does go over bad things happening within in the Eddsworld fandom, but you need to understand that Eddsworld as a whole isn't political nor hate speech.

They are completely different things. Oh DA staff how much have you been smoking lately?

Anyway that should do it for this mini Rantception episode even though I speculate that someone reported it. To whomever reported it: why? Can you not read disclaimers? Do you know what a diaclaimer is yet alone a edited note?

Also if you believe that Rantception ep1 is gone forever think again because I've also published it on Newgrounds: https://lbat1901.newgrounds.com/news/post/1105167

See you in the next episode of Rantception


Posted by Lbat1901 - October 28th, 2020



Posted by Lbat1901 - October 5th, 2020

So recently I've been scrolling through Eddsworld Amino and found two posts that are rants about ocxcanon and canonxcanon. I shrugged it off like I always do whenever I see a rant about the subject, but curiosity got the best of me and I ended up looking at both of them and they sure turned my life upside down. 

About a year ago, I've made a more than two part segment of the many things that I hate in the Eddsworld fandom. Fun fact: I feel like revamping them because they weren't all that good, but now's not the time.

Anyway, the person who wrote both of the rants that I will be going over was a person named Ohvex and before we start, do not go onto their posts or wall and leave them hate or harass them. I don't want to be held responsible for a witch hunt. Let me deal with it for you since I'm the residential idiot here. Oh and if you, Ohvex, is reading this right now, I am not hating you. I'm just pointing out some things that you've got wrong. If you think that I may have offended you, we can talk about it in a civil manner. Oh and I also want all of you to take everything that I say with a grain of salt. 

Without a further ado.......why hello you, I'm Lbat1901 and I'll be your host for Rantception. A series where I go over the bad, the good, and the ugly in many different fandoms but mostly the Eddsworld fandom with good old style of commentary. In the last episode, we've went over princeofmints whom I had to get a helping hand since I had literally nothing on her which was published in July. 

Now in this second episode, we will be going over two rants that Ohvex made on shipping in the Eddsworld fandom. I will be starting off with their ocxcanon rant simply titled: "Why can't I ship Ocxcanon" and oh my...that's some title. Ok, we're starting off strong. 

(Editor's note: When I first saw the part that you're seeing next, Lbat didn't bother to write out who's talking. But don't you worry, I've fixed it so you won't get confused. You're welcome!) 

Ohvex: Just a quick warning if you get offended over this stuff then you can leave now because in no way am I being disrespectful to anyone 

Lbat1901: But you haven't told me what it is tho

Ohvex: This will also include a bit about canonxcanon, so if you don't like it then again, you can kindly leave

Lbat1901: Ok then 

Ohvex: How do I even begin? First let's talk about the saying "but your oc is you!" Actually, no our oc isn't! Most of our oc's aren't actually based off of us. They have no connection towards us whatsoever. They do not look like us, talk like us, walk like us, and have the same personality like us

Lbat1901: You sure about that, Ohvex? ....You might want to take a look at the younger fans who insert themselves into Eddsworld and basically any fandom out there. Trust me, I remember having an oc who was based off of me that could turn into a werewolf. I also made them extremely overpowered. God I hated kid me....

Ohvex: Another misconception is: "Well it's more valid to ship canonxcanon than ocxcanon!" Like what the hell? Why is it not valid to ship my made up character with a canon? 

Lbat1901: You're not wrong on this actually. There's a thing called character development. If you made an oc for Eddsworld and have no idea on what their personality and what their interactions with the canon characters in Eddsworld would be like, I highly suggest writing oneshots. Trust me on this. I have an Eddsworld oc named Tony and I had no idea what his interactions with the canon were to look like, so I ended up writing short one off stories before ending up writing my fanfics Eddsworld: At World's End and Eddsworld: Untold Tales From The Future and they actually turned out pretty great. Plus it even helped me improve my story telling skills

Ohvex: In my opinion, canonxcanon is more disrespectful to the creators since the characters are actually based off them. Tomska has addressed many times that they are just friends and I believe Matt did to. I'm not sure though. It's one of the reasons why Tord left

Lbat1901: Again, you're not wrong, but all I remember was that Matt told fans to stop harassing his wife after the two got married which outraged those fangirls who wanted to date Matt. However they had to face the facts that Matt was way out of their age range and still is to this very day.

Also did you just say that you're not too sure on what Matt said about ships? If you're not sure if he said anything than why you put in the rant? 

Ohvex: "Most fangirls love to ship their oc with canon characters!" In some cases, that could be why I'm not going to lie, but that's only like 2% of the fandom

Lbat1901: Ehehehe.....ahahahaha! I shouldn't be laughing at this but......excuse me what? 2% of the fandom? Oh my god-.....uhh....I hate to break it to you, but that's not accurate. I would say that between 50 to 80% of the fandom ships their oc with canon Eddsworld characters. I don't know where you got 2% from, but hey, it's your number

Ohvex: But most ocxcanon shippers are actually the most sweetest and most respectful people ever. They know boundaries of the canon characters and were not like crazy over the ship. We just like to express our opinion to ships as well

Lbat1901: Once again, you're not wrong, but there is a 50-50% chance that you might encounter nice people and people that take shipping ocxcanon a bit too far. It mostly depends where you go in the fandom and basically any fandom in general

Anyway, Ohvex ends off the rant by stating that everyone has different opinions and yeah, I agree with that despite picking out some things that they got wrong. 

God...that was something, but never mind that, we got a bigger problem. We are now heading into canonxcanon *lightning strikes along with the booming sounds of thunder*

Ohvex: So like I have done this before, but with a poll, so I am doing it again because I want to get these ship rants out of my system so I don't have to do them again

Lbat1901: Alright, I'm all on ears. Please do explain 

Ohvex: I'm really disappointed in this fandom. I have no words. When I first joined the fandom, I really like Edd as a creator and I wanted to get more into the fandom. But as I kept getting more into the fandom and following the creators, I saw Tomska has tweeted 1-3 times that he doesn't feel comfortable with any of the ships. I believe Matt did too

Lbat1901: Oh my god, you've said this in the last rant. Why are you putting it iin here when you're not too sure on what he said? 

Ohvex: First Tord and now this!? How many reminders do you people need!?

Lbat1901: They probably need a million reminders, but remember this fandom is made up of the og fans from 2004, the fans from the early days of the YouTube era of Eddsworld, the fans from Legacy, and as of recently the fans from Fan Service 2. So that's basically about almost 20 years of the fandom's existence

Ohvex: Stop trying to reason with the creators that well we just ship the characters

Lbat1901: Yeah guys! Ohvex is right! We should also stop trying to reason with the creators that WTFuture, Fun Dead, and Zombeh Attack didn't happen and that The End and Spares was just a fragment of our imaginations

Ohvex: Hunny, have you forgotten that the characters are based off of them?

Lbat1901: Yeah guys! Have you forgotten that Matt fell down the stairs in Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 and that basically the four main characters were ruthless during the early days of Eddsworld? Because I sure haven't 

Ohvex: Hun, if the creators don't like it no means no. Get that through your thick ass skull! 

Lbat1901: Uh...creators saying no to ships? I think you've meant only three of them that being Tomska, Patryk, and Tord and they're not even part of the official crew anymore. So it really doesn't matter on what they said about people characters, but in all seriousness, can we please stop bothering Tomska about if he's returning back to Eddsworld and that he'll support TomxTord? I hate to hurt the feelings of little kids, but he not coming back. He has moved on with his life 

Ohvex: It's not just about me not liking it. There's a reason as to why I don't and shipping just makes the fandom more toxic than it already is! And it's more about respecting people's boundaries they are REAL people and it's one of the reasons why Tord left! And people are still shipping it. Even worse making nsfw accounts like keep that shit to yourself! And then they wonder why people report it

And this is the point where I had to draw the line and it called it quits while trying to read this second rant. Oh Ohvex, I agree with anything that you've said in these two rants, but I couldn't ignore the many things that you got wrong. Especially the part when you weren't too sure on Matt saying something about ships and yes, I took it with a grain of salt, but if I were you, I would've just left that part out. 

At the end of the day, I'm not giving you hate since I like to tell whoever is reading my posts about a certain thing in Eddsworld take everything I say not too serious. I do agree that TomxTord is a toxic ship and that people don't get boundaries of the real life people that the characters in Eddsworld are based off of. 

And yes, I know that paultryck has a bad history since it ruined Paul and Patryk's friendship and basically ruined Patryk's chances of finding work, but I wouldn't be telling people who like the ship to stop if the ships makes them happy. The same goes for any other ship in the fandom.

Anyway, thank you to those who've made it this far. Now the biggest thing I have worry about would trying to figure out what I should name ep 2 of Rantception. 

Oh god, this is so hard. Eh I might change the title if you guys don't like it.

This has been Lbat1901 and I'll see you next time. 



Posted by Lbat1901 - September 16th, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of my brand new series called Comment Comeback. It's where I go and read all the comments i get from my Eddsworld based reviews (when there is a new short or episode released), Rantception, and pretty much anything in between.

I take a look at the comments that ask for more info or that ask for clarification. I might also look at comments where people downright insult me. I don't know it depends. I used to do these when I criticize on horrible Eddsworld fanfics that I found on Wattpad. In honesty, I had no idea what I was doing and I was an edgy kid which wasn't a good combination. This was before I had my Lbat1901 name by the way.

Anyway, enough of that.

So far this year, I've talked about the Future AU and why I think it's overrated. I even did a second rant on TBATF which has things that I've left out in my first rant on them. I've also talked about WTFuture during the time of its 10th anniversary and as of recently I've talked about Fan Service 2.

Here are their links:

The Future AU: https://www.deviantart.com/lbat1901/journal/The-Future-AU-is-overrated-841669203 ;

My Second TBATF Rant: https://www.deviantart.com/TBATF-hasn-t-changed-another-rant-840013511 ;

Fan Service 2 Review: https://www.deviantart.com/Fan-Service-2-Quick-Mini-Review-850765318

WTFuture Retrospect: https://www.deviantart.com/WTFuture-A-10-Year-Retrospect-830313763 ;

But we're not here to talk about them today. We're here to talk about the topic of what's in the title of this.

It's clearly 4am where I am at (Editor: or was) and I am currently listening to Kirby and Pokemon music while I am writing this. I am like being really careful of what I say.

So about two months ago, I've published the first ever episode of Rantception and with the help of TatSquirp, we've talked about princeofmints. In full honesty, I really didn't want to make it and when it came to hitting the publish button, I was having second thoughts. As soon as I made it live, I had a feeling of regret, but I've pushed it aside to work on other projects which resulted in my review of Fan Service 2.

All things were looking great as I've decided to work on scripts of future Rantception episodes. I've sent my script for episode 2 to my editor and I am still currently waiting for it to come back to me. While I was waiting, I've received a response from princeofmints herself which was unexpecting.

I've replied to her calmly since I didn't want to start up an argument and after awhile, she came out and apologized with a second comment. Of course she is probably expecting to get a reply, but I wanted to give her a response in full detail and not give off a huge wall of text. You're welcome.

So prince if you're seeing this, I've accepted your apology and I understand that you couldn't respond to what happened on Animo clearly which resulted in a hazy mess. But regardless of that, you've owned up to your mistakes which was a great thing. We're not all perfect beings in nature. We all say and do some stupid things at times as long as we can learn and become a better person which I can relate since I, still to do this day, make mistakes.

I'm glad that you've moved on from it and say, your new art looks really great so far. I wish you the best of luck in the future and to that, if you see the word old along with an update note before the opening paragraph of Rantception episode 1, it is now considered to be outdated and no longer relevant.

Oh and one more thing: I am really sorry that I called you an arsehole and a d*ck. Looking back at it, it was a bit harsh. Also if you do decide to come back to Animo with a different name and a new fresh start, I'll be waiting. Speaking of Animo, after getting this up, I will be talking to Squirp and see if I can get her to forgive you whenever she's online. I know that she said that she'll never forgive you, but you deserve a second chance in my eyes

With that out of the way, remember when I placed a disclaimer to not harass prince in my Rantception episode? I actually meant it; however, there are some people out there who don't bother to read disclaimers. Such a case as to a person known as perfectfoxylover who've made a comment believing that I was straight up harassing prince and her followers.

I'm sorry, but I hate to break it to you perfectfoxylover, but I wasn't harassing prince or her followers. I literally had a disclaimer which said "do not harass prince". Did you not read that part? Well you probably did but ignored it by giving me a comment saying that I was harassing her. Sure maybe I did ruin a bit of her reputation and somewhat of her image since that's what rants/callouts do, but I was not harassing her and also there were other people that talked about her. I wasn't the only person who made a callout post. But hearing, well reading, what you said about it really sounds like I was sending her death threats.

If I were to be harassing her I would've said: "yeah guys, go ahead and harass prince and her followers because they're bad" and honestly, if those words were to come out of my mouth, I would look like Leafyishere who apparently bullies people on the internet. I am not Leafy even though that I am like basically the opposite to The Tomee Bear and that Eddsworld needs people doing commentary.

Speaking of Leafy, I do criticize the person and callout some of their problems, but I don't send out witch hunts like he does. Instead of sending an army filled with hate, I do hope that person will own up to their mistakes and apologize for them along with stating that their past is behind them and that they will approve which is what prince did so I forgive her.

*sighs* ........ well that sure ended on a vent-ish rant. I really had to get off of my chest since it bothered for way too long. I also just want to put this behind me because I got tired of looking at it.

Oh perfectfoxylover.....if you're reading to this part.....don't even bother on trying to counter on what I just said to you and also don't take it personally. I am so done with this. I had enough.

This has been Lbat1901 signing off and I'll see you in probably Rantception ep 2, but for now, I'm gonna lay down now



Posted by Lbat1901 - August 7th, 2020

(I forget that Newgrounds exist sometimes)

You've probably came here because of the title and yes, I will be reviewing Fan Service 2.


Just a quick thing to know: I am no professional reviewer at all. I am basically doing this for fun.


So...Fan Service 2 is the long awaited sequel to Fan Service which was released on August 1st.


The short opens up with Edd which turns out to be a picture of him. At first this scene gave me a feeling of sadness, but I didn't pay attention to it for long as we notice a calendar that says March 2016 which was the month when The End pt 2 was released and the last month when Eddsworld made an eddisode.


Oh, I forgot to mention that scene with the picture of Edd isn't the ttue opening scene. The actually scene is a building where we assume is where the eddisodes are made at and it has a sign that says "under new management".


Anyway, after we see the calendar, the sounds of a door opens revealing Matt before he changes the calendar 

Matt then heads over to a laptop to read emails. A shocking thing to know is that inbox has 121,898 new messages which he looks over.


The first email was something about a crossover for an animation idea which Matt clicks on. The email gives him a link to a fanfic.


Ok, during the same first viewing of this, I didn't like where this was going, but at the time I was curious to see what this person wrote in their fanfic.


I'll be honest with you, I have always wanted to share my Eddsworld fanfics and ideas to the official crew in hopes that they might get adapted into future eddisode. Hell, I even get comments saying that my ideas should be used and they do have point; however,

I don't see the crew messaging me on social media or emailing me for a job opportunity anytime soon, but one can dream.


Back to the short, Matt gets taken to the fanfic to see what kind of fanfic that this mystery person wrote and booooooy, does he regret seeing it. Ooooooh, the fanfic was.....pretty concerning on the way Matt showed many different feelings of emotion and how he pointed a few things that were in it.


I'm assuming that the fanfic contained some topics that don't need to be seen by the crew including Matt himself and I am pretty sure that the fanfic was on Wattpad because that's where all the bad Eddsworld fanfics are on.


After a moment of pure torture, Matt pours in some alcohol into his mug, which something that I would've done if I read a fanfic like that.



He then sees an attachment of some fanart. Matt cautiously clicks on it to see the most truly revolting thing that he has ever seen in his entire life. Sin. He saw sin.


Eventually, Matt goes a little mental and state jumps out of a window that results into his own death. We then get a view of his gravestone which reads "I hate this job".


Same here, pal. Get in line.


And that was the end of that.


So what are my thoughts on this short? Well after waiting for four years for new content, we got it and it was worth it. Animation and presentation? Oh, what am I talking about? It's Eddsworld. The animation and presentation is usually always good for the most part.


I've always wanted a sequel to Fan Service for years and I got it and I loved it.


Now here's the part where there's some criticism that I found while going through the comment section. First up, Edd. Well, it's called Eddsworld, not Mattsworld. We don't need to get into another debat over Legacy where people called it Tomsworld. We'll see both Edd and Tom in next eddisodes, but for now we get see how Matt is doing.


Next we get to the part where Tom wasn't seen at all and that's because said he left. Actually, uh, the real Tom left not his animated counterpart. People don't seem to understand this or they forgot. The real Tom gave Matt and the crew permission to use his character when he said that he will be no longer be associated with Eddsworld.


Now we get to the last issue. The tag EWBeyond. I.....don't have anything against, but it kinda goes into the fact that Matt is the only one who've worked with Edd long with Bing who still works on the series and he should be treated with respect. However, people don't seem that the short focused on Matt and he'll become a main character which again isn't the case since series is about Edd and his world. It says so in the frickin title.


Overall, this short did made those who wanted something new to shut up and enjoy it and it even opened the doors to new fans. ..Uh...hi new fans.


My final rating for this short is a: very concerning fanfic with some concerning themes in it plus a bottle of alcohol out of 10


Thank you making it this far. See you in the next one. Maybe.





Posted by Lbat1901 - July 5th, 2020

[Update 20/04/09: This rant is no longer relevant and is now considered to be outdated. The reason why being is that prince apologized and has owned up to her actions. So to those who don't read disclaimers and are about to send harassment or about to fry me for harassing prince, don't even waste your breath]

Lbat1901(me; duh!): Hey ya'll Lbat1901 here coming in live after not making a news post in awhile.

Anywho....welcome to the first episode of my brand new series titled Rantception where I talk about a topic or some unfortunate soul who became a total jerk as of recently. I am starting this series off by talking about the user by the name of PrinceofMints.

PrinceofMints is apart of the Eddsworld community and they are apart of the official EW Amino, Tumblr, and Instagram. Unfortunately princeofmints is in some hot water right now.

Oh and before I get to that, I just want to make this clear, the PrinceofMints that I am referring to isn't the one who made tomtord p*rn. This princeofmints is actually accused of tracing and being a total d*ck.

Also they got banned from Amino, but they are still going strong on both Tumblr and Instagram.

One more thing: don't harass them. Instead I want you to stop supporting them. Don't not praise them.

With that out the way, let's get into the news.

I unfortunately didn't know any of this drama that happened till seeing callout posts about it. But I used to like PrinceofMints's posts until what happened recently.

I decided to to take a look at their wall after seeing a few callout posts on them before they got taken down.

Annnnnd yeah.....they are such an arsehole. Just...just look at these screenshots....




(the third one is my favorite in terms of arsehole energy that's being radiated from it)

I'll be honest with you, the third is the one that show the bitterness of PrinceofMints. Trying to guilt trip you. I'm sorry to say this, but it's not working. Nice try.

Now I'll handing the rest of this over to the one and only Squirp/TatSquirp who've agreed to be on the show and I certainly didn't kidnap them.

Squirp: ...Why am I here? Why am I tied u-

Lbat1901(me): Shhhh! Just give the audience your side on this

Squirp: Ok, fine...*clears throat*....so a week ago, I've made a callout post exposing PrinceofMints titled "Dethroning a Prince". It took me awhile to everything and not too soon after posting it on Amino, I've also posted it on Instagram.

Oh boy...it got taken down. No actually I got told by a model on Amino to take it down which I did while on Instagram it got flagged for harassment. I eventually reposted it.

Alright with that out of the way, I'll try to make this brief


PrinceofMints (or what I like to call her, Prince) is a 15 year old artist who mostly draws Tom, Tord, and the ship TomTord. She was on the EW Amino since January 13th of this year before getting banned. S

She also has been known to cause quite the trouble.

I have been caught up to speed on what Prince has done even learning th as t she had actually scammed someone.

I believe that Lbat told you this already, but Prince's name was stolen by someone who has the same name, but let's dwell on this.


Part 1 - Tracing:

Squirp: Ok so, a few days ago some of my friends and I looked at one of Prince's art and discovered that it was traced from an already existing drawing made by P-Nim. Of course Prince denied this and claimed that it was her own art.

Ok I'll make this clear, Prince didn't draw it for a DTIYS. If Prince didn't trace it then she shouldn't be claiming it as her own.

Also if you want to compare posts or have a look for yourself, you can't cause she deleted it. So much for being reasonable which goes into this next part....


Part 2 - Blocking those who've cornered you for being unreasonable:

Squirp: Oh yes, just like TBATF, Prince also blocks people for calling her out. Unlike TBATF who only block people for giving them criticism and calling them out on their behavior, Prince blocks people for many reasons.

One of them being totally unreasonable. She blocked one of my friends who called her out for tracing. Prince even deleted several comments when trying to defend herself for being called out before deciding to hit the block button.

She even blocked me after I tried to call her out on her wall. I did PM her a few days later about and guess what her response was. The reason why she blocked me was because she didn't like me.

My god....that has to be most stupidest as all hell reason to block someone and folks, we're on the second part on this and things are already getting heated.


Part 3 - Being a b*ch isn't all that cool:

Squirp: Hold on a minute, why is b*ch censored?

(Editor: that's because it's Lbat's show and I am meant to help with anything that Lbat puts out for everyone to see)

Squirp: Yeah, but why? Who cares anyway?

(Editor: well you're probably have a point, but it's my job. Now are you going to continue to argue or are you going to keep going with your side of the story?)

Squirp: I am...geez! I've never meant an editor that's who picky. This isn't YouTube with the whole COPPA thing you know.

Anyway..... pt 3....Prince has to be one of the biggest d*cks that I have ever talked to and- oh my god, why would you censor the word- forget it. Forget it...

Erm...yeah....she cursed at some many people that it's just mindboggling. She's not the most pleasant person to talk to on Amino or anywhere else.

Before you say that she probably has some mental health issues, don't even bother. Well I know she does has some issues, but it doesn't give her the excuse to not be a total d*ck. People who do have issues are at least well spoken and are respectful to others.

But Prince on the other hand, not a freaking single chance.


Part 4 - Stop acting sad:

Squirp: You're probably thinking to yourself, "Wow, Prince is a jerk" and you'd be right. But to make matters worse, she likes to guilt trip people.

How? Well she tries to make you feel sorry for her by giving you a sad sad tale before deciding to cuss you out.

That's right, it's pretty low for her. I don't need to explain why this is bad just because it is. It's really scummy especially when she's in the wrong here. Next!


Part 5 - Don't let Prince do commissions. EVER:

Squirp: I have been saving this part for last and it gave me a reason to make a callout on Prince in the first place. She literally scammed someone over 72 coins.

Oh yeah, she actually did this. I did found the person who got scammed and they are a person known as BadBoy.

You see BadBoy commissioned Prince to do a drawing for 92 coins. Unfortunately for BadBoy, Prince said that the price was actually lower than that. But it gets much much worse than that.

Prince got wicked with them and refused to give other pieces of art to BadBoy. Eventually BadBoy had enough and asked for a refund. That's when things started to escalate really fast.

Prince told BadBoy to piss off. After a long battle, Prince gave BadBoy 72 coins back when BadBoy asked for a full refund.

In summary, Prince just stole BadBoy's money and was a total d*ck towards them.

And that should do it for now, but I have one final message to Prince. If you're reading this now while getting harassed for being callout for your crap: none of this, and I stress this a lot, none of this wouldn't have happened if you were to just act a tad bit kinder and a whole bit wiser.

Oh and maybe if you would've just listened. Also running away from your problems, lying, and pretending that they didn't happen makes you look like the bad guy here.

You know, I wouldn't mind you being on Animo at all if you just shallow your pride and try to do better by apologizing to everyone.

I didn't mean to make my callout post to hurt you in a way. In fact, I still believe that you can change. But atlas, your problems need to be addressed to make that happen.

All you need to do is try. That's it. That's all I ask for.

Lbat1901(me): *claps* Nicely done, Squirp. Nicely done.

Squirp: Thanks Lbat. It's been a pleasure being on here. Can I go home now?

Lbat1901(me): Uhh.....*walks away from Squirp and walks out of the room before shutting the door*

Squirp: Lbat? Uh Lbat? Lbat? This isn't funny! Untie me! Hey cameraman, you're still here. Untie me, please

Camraman: *shrugs before shaking their head*

Squirp: What do you mean no? Ugh!

{screen cuts to Lbat sitting in a chair}

Lbat1901(me): Well that's the end of the first episode of Rantception. I want to thank TatSquirp for coming on and helping me out. Please check them out on the EW Amino and possibly their Instagram as well while you're at it.

This has been Lbat1901 and see you next time.



Posted by Lbat1901 - May 11th, 2020

......So the Future AU, it's pretty swell and yet so damn overrated at times.

In order to understand this, I would like to say this quick: I do not hate the Future AU. In fact I love it, but I have nitpicks about it that really get on my nerves.

Before we into those nerves, let's start off where it first began. So kids sit down and get comfy, it's story time.

Once upon a time, in the year of 2010, we get treated with the first Eddsworld episode in the new decade. It was one cool episode that involved time travel. It was called WTFuture and one of the best episodes, and say it with me,....OF ALL TIME!!!

Soon afterwards, many fans of the Eddsworld fandom came together and formed the future au by putting two words in motion. Those two words are, of course without a doubt, future and the other Red Leader.

A quick history lesson, there was a point in time where Tomska and Edd had an idea on this. Edd even made concept art and two different people made full reference art on the Red Leader. They wanted the Red Leader to appear in a series called Super Average; however, due to Edd's passing, this didn't happen.

Buuuuut this didn't help the fact that the Red Leader made some small cameo appearances throughout Legacy and fans were creating content around it. Originally, Tomska and Edd didn't want to reveal the Red Leader's true identity. Again, this didn't stop the fandom. The fandom made Tord (not the Pre-legacy Tord) the Red Leader and created an au out of it, more a like a fan continuation of Legacy. Well ain't that just lovely.

Okay, I'll be completely honest with you, there was a point in time where I adored the idea where Tord's the Red Leader. However, that love kinda turned into a why bother?, all because of me disliking Legacy Tord and wanting to go back to the good ol' Pre-legacy Tord.

In all seriousness, does every fanfic on the Future AU has to have Tord as an evil ruthless leader? Does it? Well maybe for story telling, but at the end of the day, it gets to the point it's where overused and it gets old.

That is one issue that I have with this AU. The other problem that I have is that uh...Future Edd is both depressed and is the leader of the rebellion. Once again, it was cool the first couple of times seeing this, but....can't we just get one story where he's not depressed? The same goes for Tord. Can I also get one story where he's not evil? Why is it so hard to ask?

This next problem that I have is that there are plot aspects that keep being reused in many fanfics that I come across. But the most overused aspect would be the whole Future Tom being a slave to Future Tord and half time he's being mind controlled. Now add the fact that Future Tom can turn into a monster against his will into the mix and you get an aspect that making whatever fanfic having it boring.

This is the trope in the Future AU that I can't stand the most and that this one story element revolves around one ship that seems to get the most attention. Yeah you know that ship. TomxTord or TordxTom or whatever you call it. It doesn't matter.

This ship is so overrated and since those new fans of Eddsworld got introduce to Legacy, they came to the conclusion that Legacy Tord is the true Tord which isn't the case, but here we are. We get to deal with their obsession with Tord screwing with Tom's life. What's even worse is that they impile this obsession into their fanfics, which isn't even written that good, and call it a day.

This right here makes me go back to the dark days of when Dear Starboy first became a thing. I can't believe that I am saying this, but the whole Future Tom being a puppet under Future Tord thing is at Dear Starboy levels of bad. It may not look like it, but trust me, it's slowly becoming like it by each passing day.

I would like to take the time to mention TBATF's future based arc. I don't think you've noticed or not, but if you were to take a closer look at the recent chapter number and the events leading up to it, you will see the same tropes that you'd see in a Eddsworld fanfic on Wattpad. Heck, the whole comic feels like what the crew wrote feels like an edgy fanfic that they wrote when they were 12. And it sure shows doesn't it? It's just the same old, same old. There is nothing new just only the same overused aspects we've seen a thousand times. Now that I've mentioned that, I'd rather torture myself reading Dear Starboy than living though another day with TBATF.

All of these tropes and ideas used for the Future AU are all the exact same with slightly different dialogue, but at the end of the day we already know what's going to happen next. It's not new, it just gets old and it's a real shame since there's been many great fanfics around the Future AU, plus the Crisis AU in that manner.

(Editor: And this is where Lbat starts rambling. I really didn't want to take this part out even though I wanted to)

I've been thinking about the state of the future au for quite awhile now. I've was even thinking about it while I was writing my fanfic that takes place after Legacy and where WTFuture left off. It pains me to say this, but it just feels like my fanfic is the only fic out there that doesn't reuse those same tropes that I've talked about even though it's probably not the only fic out there that did this. But personally it just feels like it to me even after I published it's last chapter.

For years, I've gotten tired of seeing Tord being portrayed as a bad guy and I decided to create a fic where he's not a villain and that he's actually sorry on what he did in The End. Thanks to having this idea in mind, I created a small mini shot where he feels the emotion of regret and sorrow and that he wants to be forgiven by his friends mostly Edd. He got that wish.

....Oh dear heavens! Was I really talking about my reasoning why I created my two fics that take place after the events of an episode that divided the Eddsworld fandom between old fans and new fans? Ah...sorry bout that.


Posted by Lbat1901 - May 1st, 2020

(Keep in mind that I posted my first rant on TBATF days ago so ignore the full year part)

It's been a full year since I've made a rant about TBATF and you'd think by now that the crew were to learn from their mistakes and change for the greater good. 

Breaking news: they haven't. Not one bit. 

Ah April 2019 was the month where the quality to both the crew and the comic fell from grace. Technically it started to fall from grace in the summer of 2019. That's because everyone started to rant about them. 

I was the first four people in the EW fandom to have ever made a rant on them and it was very successful. It received positively well on both DA and the official EW Amino. I thought that it would remain like that for awhile. 

Oh in the summer of that following year massive loads of rants started to appear on Amino even Tumblr. There were so many that just maybe that the TBATF crew would accept them, but if you were to ever give the crew some criticism even if it was constructive, you will get blocked and the crew would b*ch about it. What's worse is that if you were to call them out on the bad things they did they will call you a "dEDD-head". 

So the real question is: did they take the rants lightly at all? No. Well what did they do instead? Good question. They did a whole raid of massive blocking on Amino. They even blocked me which didn't go out so well. They ended up getting banned from Amino; however, they are still going strong on DA, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Luckily for me they seem to not notice and forget that I have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and a DA account meaning that they have yet to block me which is a blessing and a curse. No matter what social media they block them on, they can't admit that I am right in my rant. 

As much as I would like to list off the many things that they've done in my second round rant, I'm not. I already said it in my last rant and plus the rants that everyone else did on them already cover it. If you want to check them out, use this link: aminoapps.com/c/eddsworld-comm… 

Now if you want to see my rant, click here: www.deviantart.com/lbat1901/jo…

In this rant I will be going over the things that I have left out. So you are in for a real treat. 

Just a little disclaimer: If you like TBATF then good for you. I ain't forcing you to dislike it. However, if you were to make any fanart for it, keep it to yourself. Don't give the crew support. Besides they don't deserve support after all they done. 

Last time, I've talked about how bad of a person Jax truly is, but what about the other two crew members? Oh Jax, I have talked about you being a immature 30 year old who whines about getting criticized, but Kenz....oh...if you were to ever say anything bad in front of her face, she'll mindlessly destroy you. She is like a shark. She is always lurking in the waters, waiting for perfect time to strike and bite off the lower part of your body. The people who claim to have seen Kenz's bad side only live to tell the tale with only their leg and arm taken off.

Aly on the other hand...well...we don't see much of her. She's very quite and the most sane member of the crew. Aly may be innocent but don't let that fool you. She is clearly hiding something dark and scary under that calm and gentle appearance.

That's enough of the crew. Once again I can't say a whole lot since everyone already talked about them in their own rants. Let's take a look at the comic itself. In a recent update, the crew will return with the second part to chapter 7 on May 5th so that gives us plenty of time to take a look at the whole comic since I left the part out the last time.

We're starting things off with the first two chapters. Hey what do you know, these chapters are a-okay. Of course the first chapter focuses on Edd, Tom, and Matt who go to the store to get one large bottle of cola. Seems like a normal Eddsworld episode am I right? Why yes. The thing that or lovely three characters don't seem to have a care in the world to notice that the city of London is being taken over by the Red Army and everything is on fire. Yep, that's typical Eddsworld for you. Afterwards in chapter 2, they run away from both Paul and Patryck which was another well done chapter. That's until we run into to Tord who returns. Oh the feels are real.

So let's see what chapter 3 is like. Eh....it could be better, but hey it's something. Now we get into the chapter 4 and oh my god. Ahahaha.....things sure aren't what they seem. Oh no, Edd betrayed Tom and Matt at the end. Could it be that Edd is secretly the supposed Green Leader like the AU Tordsworld?

Oh don't bother getting your hopes up. Chapter 5 is where things get downhill from here. Matt and Tom get beaten up by big scary Russian man who's line are so wrong in translation. Tom turns into a monster like he did in PowerEdd. Monster Tom beats up big scary Russian man. Tord gets all tingly inside because some potion that he tricked Tom into drinking and then zaps Tom twice which the second time Tord zaps him, he turns back to normal. Edd puts on mean face when Tord reveals his true colors and runs away. Edd also punches Patryck in the face. Poor Patryck, I feel so sorry to be in this comic. You too Paul. Moving on, Edd keeps running even avoiding big scary Russian man. Edd steals 2004 Tord's jacket and takes cookies from a cheery German fello named Richard. By the way the Russian's name is Vlahd. And that's the summary to chapter 5 because it was bad in terms of writing.

Next we got chapter 6 which we're not even getting into. It's doesn't have anything memorable to make it stand out.

Chapter 7 which was 99 pages long of nothing but boredom and bad puns halfway towards the end. Let's have a quick look at the characters personalities in this chapter. First up Edd. He's even more of a jerk because of cola and now he is depressed at the end of part 1 of the chapter. Oh boy yay...no. Next we got Tord who's nothing but a poorly written dictator. I already talked about how badly written he is, I don't need to say anything more. Matt....well we don't see him, but at least he's getting his own side story like the side character like he's been so far. Finally Tom, he's nothing but a mindless brainwashed zombie who's being mind controlled like all of those fanfics of Future Tord using mind control on Future Tom and can forcefully turn him into his monster form. It's nothing new.

I've been saving two certain characters for this part and they would be Vlahd and Richard. Unlike the TBATF crew's collection of highly sexual female ocs, Vlahd and Richard actually have personality. Richard is a sweet heart with his smiling face and Vlahd can sure give off the presence of being menacing. However Vlahd has some...problems.

1) Death row. It does not exist in Russia

2) His Russian feels like the crew got from Google Translate even though the crew that they have a friend who speaks it. I don't know about that since I took the things that he said in the comic in translate through Google Translate and back and yep, they've used Google Translate. Don't believe me? Well in most foreign languages, if you're gonna say a command or ask something to someone, you speak it out in a whole sentence not one or three words.

3) He seems to have super strength only when the plot needs it. Yeah the thing with overpowered characters. We see all the time along with plot armor that puts the main hero in a good advantage for no reason.

Well none of these points really mattered anyway since Vlahd gets killed by an incoming roller coaster cart unless he comes back as a cyborg and kills Edd and Tord in the end. We don't know. Also I would like to point out the fact that halfway when Edd was running away from basically being captured he kept making stupid puns which were god awful. Ugh!

I know that in normal Eddsworld, Edd's puns are usually funny. Yeah they are but if you're gonna put more than one pun in each comic frame, it's not really funny at all and it doesn't stick.

Now many many months ago, the crew answered a question about selling merch on their comic and they said that have intentions on doing merch. Gee I wonder why. Oh it's because of the real Matt saying no after he saw that infamous pic of Tord being in a bathtub with highly sexual drawn fictional women in such great detail. What did the crew responded with? They called him a f**ker. Oh I'm sorry TBATF crew, but Matt is trying to keep his head friend's creation and world alive and spinning. He does not like that thought of Eddsworld being sexual.

You would think that would be the end of that, but remember the time where Jax got "demoted" from being a mod on the Eddsworld Discord server? Well the other crew members went behind Matt's back and lied to their fans which was highly...

[*Lemongrab voice*] UNACCEPTABLE

Oh and it gets better. Do you know who runs the Eddsworld official Instagram account? It would both Matt and Bing. I just want to point out the fact that, Matt is a busy man. He has a wife and soon to be child so he can't always be carefully choosing to promote artists to make official content for the account. Oh boy it does show it. Bing allowed Jax to draw something for Eddsworld Advent calendar for Christmas 2019 which gotten a load of backlash. Bing also went behind Matt's back as well and if this keeps up, Eddsworld as whole will digging its own grave.

That's enough of me talking.


Posted by Lbat1901 - April 24th, 2020

I did a dumb thing where I accidentally deleted the news post containing the promo art for Pokemon Journeys. So that's why I am posting this again