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Hey there, fellow Eddheads and happy holidays! 

Welcome to another Eddsworld episode review. We got a new Eddsworld short as a Christmas gift. How exciting. 

This short is all about the Ellsworld girls out of popular demand. I was going to release this review during the weekend but couldn't since I was out of town to visit family. 

I also had to leave early on Christmas Eve and I didn't get the notifications till like late at night on the same day. 

Better late than never. 

Like, I said Slippery Slope focuses on Ell, Tamara, and Matilda and just like RANDUMB, its very short. 

Anyway, the plot is very straightforward. The Ellsworld girls are up skiing in the mountains and they do a challenge just to see who's going to pay rent. 

Not a bad plot. It was a nice little homage to the older episodes where there's friendly jabs and rivalries, along with cynical humor. 

It also marks the first appearance of Mirror Ringo who goes by the name Tequila (yes, as confirmed by the EW crew). 

Also, Matilda was best girl and the scene with Tamara and Ell skiing down the mountain was well done. 

Oh and uh, I liked the part where Matilda was helping some guy go down a mountain. It made me chuckle. 

The only thing that I didn't like was the overuse of facial expressions and the voice acting which was a bit off. But hey, I can't blame since we're still in a pandemic. 

Now, that begs the question: Is Slippery Slope better than RANDUMB? Why yes, yes it is. 

I mean at least Slippery Slope didn't try hard to be something that it wasn't.

*cough* ASDFMOVIE *cough* 

Slippery Slope isn't the best episode to come from Beyond nor that it's the worse. It's pretty decent. 

If I were to place make a list of the best and worst episodes in the Beyond lineup, it would go like this: 

1. Casting Call

2. Fan Service 2 

3. Slippery Slope 

4. Beaster Bunny

5. The Birds and The Bees


I just want to point out that this list is mostly my opinion. You don't have to agree to this. In fact, I encourage you to share your own list. 

Anywho, that's all I got. Thanks for coming to my review. 

This has been Lbat1901 and I'll see you in the next episode review. 


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