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*slowly rises from the grave* 

Oh my god, why did they have put so much dirt on my grave? 


Greetings there, fellow Eddheads! I'm your host Lbat1901 and welcome to another Eddsworld episode review! Waiting for a new Beyond episode to come out takes forever. To comeback this, I decided to review one of the older episodes. I've been wanting to do this for a longtime but never got around to it until now.

Since it's the Halloween season, I decided to review a Halloween based episode which is why I'm a zombeh. Yeah, I wanted to get into theme of the episode that I'm reviewing and that would be the Zombeh Attack Trilogy. 

Anyway, enough of the intro. Let the review begin. 

*phone rings* 

What the? 

*takes out phone* 

I thought the person who was tasked with burying me took all of my belongings including my phone. I guess they forgot.

Ah well.

I wonder who's calling me though. Hold on

Hello? Who is this? 

Oh hey, it's the editor. How's it going? 

Oh, we're not reviewing the Zombeh Attack trilogy? Why not?

Ah, I see. 

So, I wasted my time finding a zombeh and getting it bite me? Well, that's unfortunate.

What am I supposed to do now? 

Oh, okay. Yeah, that would do I guess. See you later

*hangs up* 

Looks like we have a change of plans, ya'll. I won't be reviewing be all three parts of Zombeh Attack. Instead, I'll be reviewing Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007. Alright, let's get into it.

The Plot

Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 was released on October 21st 2007 as part of the 2007 Halloween Flash competition on Newgrounds and it ended up in 9th place. It was later released on YouTube on November 2nd which was a few days after Halloween but better late than never. Unfortunately, YouTube upload was unlisted sometime after 2013 for reasons that we will get into after the review. 

Anyway, the episode starts off with Edd looking around until he gets hit with a pumpkin which gets stuck on his head. He struggles a bit while trying to get it the pumpkin off of his head until Matt sees him. Matt uses a sledgehammer and hits Edd with it which decapitates him. 

Uh Matt, there were other ways to get the pumpkin off of Edd's head without killing him.

After seeing this horrific scene we get the title card. After that, we see Edd and the gang at his house. Edd and Tord are playing Zombies At My Neighbors while Matt watches and Tom reads a newspaper. While playing with Tord, Edd hurls an insult to a very certain Hockey Mask Wearing Freak. 

Edd, that was rude of you. We don't throw insults at people. Words can hurt other people's feelings. 

The Hockey Mask Wearing Freak seems to agree with me as he does his very best Kool-aid Man impression by bursting through the wall. OH YEAH!!! 

The gang screams before running away as Hockey Mask Wearing Freak, who I'll be calling Michael Voorhees just to keep things short, throws two axes at them which misses them.

Wow, two axes? I wonder where he went to buy the. The price must've been pretty axing good. ....That was terrible, I know.

Anyway, the gang hides behind a wall while Edd peaks out. Tord asks him if the coast was clear. Edd replies with "nope" while we that the top of his head has been sliced off which reveals his brain. Edd then drops to the ground dead as Tord watches out of shock. 

This moment of slice doesn't last long, as Michael comes bursting through the wall while Tom, Tord, and Matt run away and hide. Michael passes by all of them only to stop when he sees Tord who was holding up a picture frame. This seems to distract Michael which allows Tord to completely sneak away. 

Tord eventually meets up Tom who tells him that they managed to lose him. Unfortunately, Tom gets stabbed from behind with a sword which makes Tom question why Michael has a sword. Michael drags the sword of Tom which causes large amounts of blood to splash over Tord and kill Tom at the same time. 

The chase continues as Tord and Matt run down the hallway before eventually going into a closet. However, Tord pushes Matt out and causes him to go on a massive panic. Michael makes his way over Matt who ends up kicking him right in the balls which causes Michael to be in pain. Matt then slowly back away only for him to fall down the basement stairs. 

Oh Matt, you tried to be cool but ended up failing. It's okay, I still like you but man. 

After watching Matt fall down the stairs, Michael continues his kill streak and kicks the door to the closet down. Tord backs away in fear as he watches Michael take the cap off the bottom of his axe which becomes a stake. Michael then proceeds to stab Tord with the stake which kills him instantly. 

After successfully killing the gang, Michael cleans his axe while whistling. The ghost of Edd taps his shoulder which gets his attention. Ghost Edd pulls Michael's mask and releases it which knocks him out cold. After knocking Michael out, the ghosts of Tom and Tord float over to Ghost Edd as he wondered where Matt was. As on cue, Matt comes up from the stairs still alive, bloody and injured. Matt then notices the ghosts of his friends and ends up dying from a heart attack out of shock.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Once the whole gang are now ghosts, they take the unconscious Michael over the city until they throw him off a cliff where his heads gets impaled by spikes which instantly kills him.

Now that's what I call a... FATALITY

When believing that everything was now over, the gang gets a ride surprise when the ghost of Michael rises up to get revenge on them. Unfortunately, all of them get sucked into a trap that was out underneath them thanks to the Ghostbusters and Luigi.

The episode then ends with the Ghostbusters theme which was removed in the 2016 reupload. Speaking of which....

The Verdict

So, is Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 worth your time? 

Why of course it is. In fact, it aged surprisingly well. 

The most memorable thing about the episode is the brutal ways the main four got killed along with them avoiding a killer that probably has a high kill count whenever someone insults him. 

It's a shame that we never see Michael ever again. The last time we see him is in Bang, Boom, Splat! and in a photo cameo in Matt Sucks. I really hope he makes an appearance in Beyond where his character is expanded upon. I wouldn't mind if he had a background appearance. 

Also, it really sucks that the music in the episode was removed when it was given a HD upload. It's was due to of copyright because it had the Ghostbusters theme playing at the end. It was one of four episodes to be remastered due getting struck by copyright claims which really sucked but copyright is copyright even though the songs that were used gave the episodes some personality. Regardless of that one downside, the episode still holds up no matter what's being played in the background. 

I recommend giving the episode a shot especially if you haven't seen it before. No one talks about the older episodes all that much but they are apart of Edd's work and they should always be remembered. 

Anyway, my final raring for Halloween Special 2007 is an axe-wielding maniac out of 10 or in this case an 8 out of 10. I'm giving it an A. 

Thank you all for making it this far into my review. I plan on reviewing more older episodes along with reviewing whatever Beyond episode comes out. 

For now, this is the end. I'm going go find a way to turn back into a human. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Oh and uh, please do share what you think of Halloween Special 2007 and while you're down there in the comments, feel free to share what your favorite candy is. For me, I like Snickers and Twix. Actually, I'm more of a Twix person. 

Anyway, that's enough from me. This has been your host Lbat1901 and I'll see you next time.

See ya

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