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I've read TBATF Chapter 7 Pt. 2 so you won't have to

Posted by Lbat1901 - July 21st, 2021

Yohoho! It's been two years since the whole bandwagon of calling out the TBATF crew horrible people and pretty much tearing their comic to shreds as the majority of the Eddsworld fandom has some issues with it. 

You know the story by know. The people who ranted/talked about the comic, myself included, gave out criticism but the TBATF crew didn't like it and they ended up blocking a whole bunch people who dislike their comic like a child who didn't get the cool action figure that they've always wanted for Christmas. 

Apparently I was meant to post this on the anniversary month of where things got heated which was April, but one thing lead to another and I had to delay this until now. 

Want to know why? Well, it's because of the title. I will be reviewing Chapter 7 Pt. 2. Well, I'll actually ranting about it, but never mind that. If you read through my second rant on TBATF, I've talked about Chapter 7 Pt. 1 along with going over the previous chapters. All I have to say is that Chaoter 7 Pt. 1 was just blood awful. 

It's not as bad Chapter 5 and oh boy, Chapter 5 is really, really bad and it shall serve as a reminder on what not to do in a fancomic and mostly a comic in general. 

Anyway, enough rambling. You've came here to see me talk about this comic again for the third time in a row along the circus clowns that the run the whole thing who can't even take one tiny shred of criticism since it apparently "hurts their feelings". 

Anyway, Chapter 7 Pt. 2 is the second part to Chapter 7 Pt. 1. In the first part, we got Edd's point of view as he escapes from getting captured by the Red Army and Vlahd. In Part 2, we get the Matt view since he didn't have enough panel time in the previous two chapters.

I'm going to stop right here just to say that I've really established this before Matt is a comfort character to me. I've always loved Matt and there's never a time where he hasn't put a smile on my face every time I see him. However, the Matt in TBATF makes me want to cry. 

I am aware that the creators took inspiration from Legacy Matt and didn't even bother on attempting to get his personality right. I have said talked about this in my first rant that TBATF Matt is portrayed as an idiot, but I also went on to say that Matt can be smart in his own way. 

If I were to be asked on how I write the Eddsworld characters in terms of fanfiction form, I would say that it mostly depends on the scene that you're writing them in. You're mostly in control on how they should interact with the world around them. If you're not too sure you can always watch a couple of episodes to take note on how they interact with things that they see or you can always just write down silly prompts in the style of a script. 

Now how does this go with TBATF exactly? Well, there's none of it considering the fact that they don't care and they took the time to look at terrible Wattpad fanfics just to say "Yep, that's how that character acts. Let's do that". 

Alright enough stalling, let's do this. This was a pain to go through two times and the only reason why I'm doing this is because I care about all of you. Now join me as take you on an adventure of nothing but misery. Also there's going to be a lot of spoilers, if you even care about them.

So Chapter 7 Pt. 2, opens up with Matt sitting at a table in a cafeteria area looking at his reflection because remember, he lost his eye and chin to a large angry Russian man instead of a sad and completely tragic way. He then gets pulled back into reality as he overhears Paul and Patryck talking about, I don't know, race cars. Actually no, they're talking about the time machine wristband that Edd took till Paul points out that Matt had been listening in. 

Matt then says that if he can get his hands on the wristband, he would able to go back in time to prevent his face from getting ruined by Vlahd. However, Patryck gives him death threats but he doesn't get to finish his sentence when the soldiers with the masks on their faces start to go haywire. This doesn't last long as the soldiers get shot and killed by what seems to by a higher ups lead by a *insert female leader that has no personality and is only there to look attractive at her job*. 

The female leader says that there's been some sort of breach and say that everyone needs to get to their posts just take down any rogue Maktesløse that comes their way. Ah, well that's nice. She then mocks both Paul and Patryck who already lost their relevance since Chapter 5 and apparently their positions which were working close with Tord. Oh, what sad times we're living in. 

Without even noticing, Matt leaves the cafeteria mumbling to himself before struggling to open a door with a keycard. Okay, I'm stopping right here just to say that what Matt was holding at the start of the chapter wasn't a mirror. Instead it was a keycard; however, I'm saying that the keycard has a mirror on one of its sides, because this is how much I care about this fancomic. 

Anyway, Matt gets angry and is about go all "Matt Smash" till he overhears Tord talking to Edd via through a mind controlled Tom. Ah remember Tom in this comic? No? Well neither do I. 

Erm...Matt learns that Edd is at the amusement park and decides that he needs to go there. However Matt realizes that his eye is a camera meaning that Tord watches his every movement before putting on an eye patch in order to cover it. Wow, Matt actually did something smart. Where was this many chapters ago? 

Anywho, Matt manages to pass by a whole lot of people without getting notice since nobody didn't bother on keeping watch to see if anything tries to pass by them. Along the way, Matt catches a plate filled with ribs till he stops at one of the gates leading outside of the base. 

Like any well established base, it is filled to the brim with security robots and even one of Vlahd's pet monster guard dog things. Matt not wanting anything to do with it and calls it quits till he falls down a manhole which has a sign that says "Warning! Watch out for convenient plot holes". Gee thanks TBATF crew for putting that in. It's not like we the viewers are a bunch of idiots and can't figure it out that Matt needs to go underground in order to get pass all the guards and security because plot needs to happen. 

So, Matt falls down the hole and ends up in a dark, unsettling place which turns out to be the same lab that Edd, Tom, and Matt went through and eventually unleashed a whole bunch of monster that ending killing everyone in the lab causing the whole place to be destroyed and abandoned. He eventually walks through the lab and makes his way out without getting ambushed by a large mysterious creature. Luckily, he makes out of that there safely. 

Before we continue, I would like to point out that I had to go through 67 pages just to review this one chapter. Plus, I also had to go through four panels of each page which was exhausting. In case if you didn't know, the TBATF crew copied the same format to the official Eddsworld comics which in full honesty is pretty cool. Unfortunately, there is just one tiny little problem. The comic format was used to get a joke across in a short amount of time. It wasn't meant for a fully fledged story or have overly detailed backgrounds nor stretched to a point just for those said detailed backgrounds. Sometimes they pull of the backgrounds decently and sometimes they don't. 

In order to combat this and to keep my sanity, I will be giving you highlights on what happens next. Enjoy! 

- Matt walks through an amusement park which is the same amusement park from FunDead

- Matt finds the robot thing that can cover a person's scars through using holographic projections 

- The robot thing gets caught by Matt who hides from Vlahd and his men including the three headed monster dog like mutant, Cyberus 

- The robot thing escapes as Matt chases it around the amusement park 

- Matt eventually catches the robot thing again before it get destroyed by the strong jaws of Cyberus 

- Matt runs away as he gets chased by the most underwhelming thing to ever exist (yes, really). 

- Matt climbs onto a ferris wheel but Cyberus climbs up after him 

- Matt realizes that the monster was slipping before kicking it right off and ends up causing its unfortunate demise which makes Vlahd very angry 

- We then get a scene where Dollar Store Tord (yes, that's what I'm calling the Tord in this comic as) throws a fit over Vlahd failing his mission and going against his orders 

- We cut back to Matt attempting to coach a seemingly knocked out Tom out of mind control to not avail. Tom's no longer a character, he's a prop

- It turns out that Cyberus was still alive despite being heavily damaged. It was about to attack Matt only to get crushed by debris that came from the ferris wheel which means that it is definitely dead

- Matt then goes over to a control panel room in order to save Edd from getting killed by Vlahd by taking control of the roller coaster which causes an explosion with Vlahd in it

- Unfortunately, Vlahd wasn't dead as he suddenly emerges from the wreckage only to be badly injured and even more pissed off which causes Matt to run off without encountering a brainwashed Mark (no, I am not kidding) in the process 

Okay, highlights over. So, we cut back to the Red Army base where Vlahd collapses on the ground due to his injured and gets taken to the infirmary. In my second rant of TBATF, I predicted that Vlahd might come back as a cyborg and basically becomes the Terminator but only Russian. I suppose I'm somewhat right. I don't know. Speaking of Vlahd has anyone noticed how pissed off he looks in the comic? Ever wondered why he's pissed? It's because he was forced to be in the comic against his own will and I honestly don't blame him for being so fed up with everything that happened so far. I would be pissed off too if I was forcefully placed into a comic that I didn't agree to be apart of after seeing the script and I had orders getting constantly barked at me by an angry Norwegian that has horrible looking scars on his face and whatever fashion sense he got going. 

Anyway, after Vlahd gets taken to the infirmary, Matt comes sneaking back into the base. He thinks he did a good job at not being spotted only to get confronted by Dollar Store Tord who asks him where he has been. Matt, being all slick, tells Dollar Store Tord a very convoluted explanation that talks about absolutely nothing which lasts till he gets told to stop. He eventually tells Dollar Store Tord that he fell in a puddle after he gets asked why he's wet. 

Dollar Store Tord lets him go as Matt is ordered to change into a new outfit and gets purple turtleneck. Apparently if you look very closely it's actually Mark's meaning that he's dead. Oh wow, hand me down. This totally ruins my headcanon on where Future Matt got his outfit from. The same goes for Future Edd and Future Tom. Thanks TBATF, you've ruined my image of pre-WTFuture. I really appreciate it...Not. Now, stop it. 

In the last page of the chapter, Matt gets cornered by Paul and Patryck after he spied on Dollar Store Tord during one of his gatherings or something and that pretty much wraps up Chapter 7 Pt. 2. 

Oh thank god, it's finally over. That was exhausting to get through. I had to go through this one chapter to give you this review. It took me forever mind you to the point where I had to stop working on it for several weeks, more like months. 

Now, the reason question is, is Chapter 7 Pt. 2 worse than Pt. 1? Is it just as bad as Chapter 5. Well yeah, it's not really good since it pretty dragged Matt across the mud in terms of his personality. However, it's not worse than Chapter 5. If I had to put this chapter in a ranking list of quality, it would be like this (these are mostly my opinion, so don't get too mad. Alright): 

Chapter 1 and 2 are the only good chapters and had Eddsworld vibes. They both get a 8/10 

Chapter 3 wasn't as good as the first chapters, but it was still decent. It gets a 7/10

Chapter 4 was kinda of nose dive in terms of character writing. It gets a 6/10 

Chapter 5 was a really bad chapter according to those who've reviewed it. It gets a 1/10

Chapter 6 was mediocre and carried off from Chapter 5. It gets a 2.5/10

Chapter 7 Pt. 1 kinda started off strong, but it later became absolute nonsense. A 3.5/10

And finally Chapter 7 Pt. 2 apparently comes in with the same score as the previous part. 

Alright, that should do it for now. Sorry this took forever. Like I said, this has been really draining. I might do a review on Chapter 8 and so far....ehh.....I have no comment. 

If you want an Eddsworld fancomic that doesn't destroy any of the characters personalities than I highly suggest that you go check out the fancomics Wish You Were Here and Crimson Future. 

Wish You Were Here focuses on Tord who's the main character and it's has a premise where he comes back to London after his trip to the Bahamas only to find that the entire country got taken over by the Red Army. Apparently, it takes the fan concept of Clone Tord where this one clone in particular becomes evil and becomes the Red Leader. I actually really like this premise especially when it involves an Eddsworld fan theory. 

Crimson Future on the other hand is a fancomic that takes place in the future obviously and it heavily focuses on the Red Army. 

You can find Wish You Were Here on sites such as DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and Eddsworld Amino and for Crimson Future can be found on Instagram. Please go give these amazing creations support and go shower some love to the people behind them. These two fancomics were made by the fans for the fans and they actually care and show creativity to these projects. 

Anyway, this has been Lbat1901 and I'll- oh, my, it's looks like the TBATF put a little disclaimer in the bottom of their recent chapter. Uh, it's bit too late to be putting it in, but eh, let's have look. I'm sure it can be that bad ri- hold on, what is this? 

"This comic is not associated with Eddsworld. Solely fanmade by four hot-as-hell women"

"Four hot-as-well women"? ........Oh f**k off! 

Okay. Alright. This has been Lbat1901 and I'll see you next time. Bye. 



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