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The EW Crew's Troubling Relationship with the Fanbase

Posted by Lbat1901 - April 8th, 2021


This has been put off for awhile considering the fact that I didn't want to talk about it, but after seeing people making full on text posts on Tumblr, I just had to put my own two cents. 

I also had to take some time process what I just witnessed so I can have a clear mind.

In case if you've been under a rock or have been doing other things (which I don't blame you), Bing posted a video on his YouTube channel, Past Bing Future Bing, called the "Complete History of Tom's ass" after a post for National Naked Day which showcased Tom, Matt, and Edd naked got taken down on Instagram.

And yes, someone got offended by Tom's sweet bare arse in all of its HD glory, but that's not else that happened. Apparently Bing kinda did a little oopsie which caused a lot of commotion in the fandom and I'm here to talk about it.

Before we start, I just want to say that I love the Eddsworld fandom and I happen to contribute to it more than any fandom that I am in. 

If it wasn't for Eddsworld getting involved with my life I wouldn't be here where I currently am at today. It really means a lot to me and I am great full for it.

I've been through a lot within this fandom. I've seen the many ups and the many downs and I mean the really downs. Sure I had my share of breaks during the time when the Legacy era was still going, but I only came back stronger.

I have a lot of respect for the crew especially for Bing, Matt, and even Tomska before his departure. However, despite all of this, I can't really excuse the small, small bad actions that they do and criticize them for it.

I've criticzed the comic TBATF and the people behind it in the past. Nobody is safe from getting criticize. You can like something and the people behind it, but you can't ignore their many awful discussions when it comes to things. I'm looking at you Butch Hartman. God, how you've fell from grace.

Anyway, the video is what by the title suggests, is a full documentary on Tom's arse which was pretty enjoyable to watch. 

Yeah you go Bing, show those haters that Tom's arse is sacred and shall never be taken down ever.

Unfortunately, this is where the main issue came right about the nine minute mark. Bing begins talking about Sinsworld...out of nowhere. Um..ok, you do you. 

At first I was going to let this slide buuuuut...he ended comparing nsfw artists to terrorists. When I first heard this, I thought I was hearing things wrong and I went to play it back again but no he actually said it. 

He then went on a rant about it which I have nothing against; however, it was...ah...how do I put it exactly without being mean about it? .....Let's just it was bad. He didn't even bother going into a full depth explanation at to why Sinsworld is bad. All he did was say "eW ItS NaSty, BeCAuse I sAId So". Like come on Bing, at least try to back up your points. Don't just leave me confused and lost. That's not how you do a rant at all.

Rant Lessons No. Whatever: If you're going to do a rant on certain thing, make sure to back up what you say with an explanation. More importantly, go in depth as you take the topic that you have an issue with and take it apart. 

The only thing that I agreed with him on was that despite nsfw artists having amazing anatomy skills, they were wasting their talent on drawing p*rn which will hurt their chances of getting hired within the art industry. However, we can't control on what they want to draw. As long as they aren't hurting anyone and are appropriately tagging their stuff then it's fine.

Hey, at least on the bright side, Bing acknowledges that Sinsworld is a thing. All I can is that, congrats Bing, I am so proud of you. Really I am. I'm proud that you know what Sinsworld is. Here take these cookies, you deserve them

Oh, what's that? You thought that was the end of it? Ha, I wish. Not long after giving a terrible rant on why Sinsworld is a problem, he went on to talk about TomTord. Worst of all, he shamed those who liked it.

On second thought Bing....give me back those cookies. You don't deserve them not after this. 

Apparently Bing's words were so strong that people who like two ship any Eddsworld character especially two from the main cast, felt really bad for themselves and stop shipping all together. There were literally people on Instagram making apology posts and ended up removing everything ship related on their account. Some even deleted their account. 

Uh Bing, I have a question for you. Where in the world did you get this from? On the Eddsworld Discord server, it says that ships are totally ok. Did you get hit by a bus or something? Like seriously, when was shipping a problem? I know that when Legacy was still going it was a problem, but those days were over once Tomska stepped down. It's 2021, let people ship what they want and don't shame them for it. 

Bing, I beg you, I need more context on these so called "rants". You're not explaining things. You're just going on a tangent and saying things without bothering to go even further.

Alright, I wasn't planning on adding this, but I figure that I need to get this out. As a person who dislikes TomTord because I don't see the dynamics of both Tom and Tord being together in a loving relationship and that The End really, really pushed it for me, I don't shame people for liking it especially if it makes them happy. 

When I see fanart or a fanfic about it, I don't be all like: "ew, ToMToRD, wHy aRe YOu SHipPiNg ThiS? I HaTe ThIS SHiP", instead I ignore it and continue on my day. It's not that hard.

So from the official unreleased Lbat1901's Declassified Eddsworld Fandom Survival Guide: "do not harass or shame people for liking a certain ship that you might possibly dislike/hate". That's it. That's the message. 

While I was getting this put together, I looked through the comments in Bing's video to see anything negative. Unfortunately out of the 230+ comments, I've only found one. Let's just say that Bing got lucky on this. I actually expected him to get blasted into oblivion for saying all this crap.

In a Patreon AMA, a question was asked about Bing's pissy attitude that he had displayed in the video considering the fact that he made people feel bad about shipping which made him go on a full panic meaning that he actually felt sorry for what he said.

So does that mean he'll make a full on apologize? I hope so, but I'm going to keep my expectations real low. 

So with this in mind, I think I should ask you this very important question as a fellow Eddhead myself: 

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? How did the Eddsworld crew become a god damn DISGRACE--, no.....a DISAPPOINTMENT, to the Eddsworld fandom and the entire fanbase as a whole!? 

Well I tell you what the hell happened. It really wasn't a problem when Edd was still alive, but after he passed it decided to unmask itself. 

It began to creep up during the time where Legacy was on its hay day and when Tomska was the head director along side with Matt. 

Say what you want about Legacy and how much you either love it or hate it, at the end of the day you have to admit it was worth it. The series would've die at the side of the road instead of continuing Edd's legacy. Sure it did took away what made Eddsworld was known for in the past and changed he personalities of Edd, Tom, and Matt in order to make the series "modern" and "kid friendly"; however, it went back to its roots with episode Fun Dead which was a callback to Zombeh Nation and the Zombeh Attack trilogy. Overall, Tomska did a good job minus the decisions that were made

Fast forwarding to 2020, Eddsworld made a comeback with the release of Fan Service 2 and it was a comeback for sure. I made a review of it and praising the quality of it, but after publishing the review, i didn't bother on adding the fact that the crew were making fun of fanfic writers especially the ones that make some weird stories. 

Look, my reviews on Eddsworld episodes are mostly positive, but it doesn't mean that they're all perfect. In Fan Service 2's case, I did agree that Wattpad has some weird stuff on it. I can even go as as far to say that ao3 is basically a circus. Trust me I've seen some interesting things while I was scrolling through the Eddsworld tag. But when it comes to making fun of people who write these kinds of fanfics, it's where I draw the line. 

(Editing Lbat1901: Hey, it's future Lbat here and I just want to cut in to say something about Beaster Bunny. I know I gave it praise in my review, but I had some issues with the episode. First off the pacing was just...ugh....it wasn't good. It was very slow. I get that this the first full length episode in a longtime, but some scenes could've been trimmed down or cut out. 

There's this joke about kids with special needs. Yeah, it was wrong and this coming from a person who's autistic. 

I think there was a pedo joke or something in it. I don't know. What were they even thinking when they were writing this episode? 

Also there was a cameo of Vivziepop, you know, the creator of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss which everyone in their mother loathed. I don't have anything to say about it since she's been talked to death about. So yeah.

Oh and there's been a callout on Jamie Spicer-Lewis and Bown two former people who were on the production team of Eddsworld. Luckily before things got bad both Matt and Bing addressed it and kicked them out of the team which was good. However, I wish they address the previous issues that I talked about so far

Anyway, it's 2:30 in the morning, I'm tired. Ok...bye

I was saving this at the very last since it really, really bothers me. It's about the crew's treatment towards Tord. I like Tord but I don't think he'll ever make an appearance in future episodes in Eddsworld Beyond; however, there are fans out there that question if Tord will make a comeback. 

You think the crew would answer and yet they completely threw us a curve ball. The official Eddsworld website has been updated with new features and tabs including a FAQ section. When I heard about it I got curious and so I checked it out. 

I kinda wish I didn't. 

Right at the start and f the FAQ paged there is a question asking about Tord and the crew thought that it was funny to simply say this: "It's been 10 years, get over it" 


....Wha- What the- ....

What the f**k? What the actual f**k? 

Are you serious right now? Are you kidding me? That's really your answer as to why Tord isn't coming back? 

You think this funny? Is this supposed to be a joke? Am I supposed to be laughing? 

Well I'm not laughing. This isn't cool. 

People who are fans of Tord have been asking ever since The End was released and when you, Matt, said that you will be continuing Eddsworld. Fans have been asking if he'll make a return. Instead of addressing of it, you decided to act like pricks and slap us in the face with this sorry of an excuse for an answer.

You can't do that. Like you seriously can't go out of your way just say that and you expect us to take that? Well you're wrong. 

Also do you find it a little sus that they keep up the episodes where Tord appears in yet they said they won't put him into any future episode and are pretty much trying to erase him from existence? *sniffs*....What is that smell? *sniffs again*.....Oh, I smell a whole lot of bs that's what.

Listen up Bing and Matt, since I am only going to say this once, I'm not angry. I am very disappointed in you. You've brought dishonor.

If I could end this on a high note, I would say that Bing and Matt need to get their crap together. Like c'mon guys, you're over 30 years old, stop acting like this and be adults. Again, it's 2021.