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Beaster Bunny (A quick review)

Posted by Lbat1901 - April 2nd, 2021

At long last, Beaster Bunny, an episode that was hyped since February, is finally out before Easter and is on the day of pranks which is a good thing because I will be busy on Saturday and Sunday. If the episode were to be released on Sunday, I probably wouldn't write the review for it till like on...err...Tuseday? Maybe? 

Ok, so if you were to pay attention to the thumbnail, you've might of noticed that the episode is longer than five minutes and it's not a short. 

Psst! Hey! It's free real estate 

Also unlike the last episode which isn't an episode at all considering how short it was, there was no ad for Beaster Bunny. Speaking of ads, we got sponsorship. Yes boys and girls, it's ad time. 

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Thanks to NordVPN for the sponsorship and now let's get right into the review 

(Editor: Hold up, I don't recall a sponsorship. Where in the bloody hell did you get this from!? Sorry, but I'm shutting this down

The episode opens up in a park at the middle of night when suddenly we get a shot of something in the bushes. Ah, at first, I thought it was the Beaster Bunny but no, it was a brown bunny carrying a basket filled with eggs. Aw...I was at the end of my seat.

It turns out the bunny may be in fact the Easter Bunny that every small kid believes in and that it was hiding eggs. So far, so nice. What could go wron- oh wait....what's that in the sky? Oh no! Look out Easter Bunny! Move! Something is falling from the sky and heading straight towards you! 

Unfortunately the Easter Bunny stands there and watches the mysterious object with eyes filled with fear as it hits the Easter Bunny head on. The dust clears revealing a large pink (or purple?) egg. It suddenly cracks as strange liquid begins pouring out. The camera then moves up showing the moon and without warning, a large silhouette of a creature roars into the night. 

Could the egg possibly turned the innocent Easter Bunny into the title of episode? Well I wouldn't be reviewing it, now would I? 

We get a cool title transition and we finally get to know who voices Tom. It a guy by the name of Ed Templer. 

After the transition, we get a scene of the park again but it's daytime and we get the first bit of dialogue from Edd and Tom. Hmph...I like the new voice actor for Tom. It's actually pretty good. I know it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. 

Ok, EW crew, I'm already invested. 

So apparently Edd had Tom in blindfold and told him that he's giving him a surprise; however, Tom doesn't like it. Also it turns out that Edd made both Tom and Matt wear blindfolds and they drove Tom's car. 

Edd brought them to the park so they can take part in an egg hunting competition, but none of them want anything to do with it. Err...I mean just Tom. Matt ran to get his face painted.

Once getting to the face painting tent, Matt knocks down a bunch of kids till he reached the face painter who asks him what he wants and with a deep voice, he said bunny. 

Meanwhile with Edd, he encounters a little girl and the girl gives Edd an evil eye. We then get the mayor who's on stage announcing to everyone that egg hunting competition will begin without making Easter based puns which nobody laughs. 

The egg hunting competition begins and Edd scrambles off. We get a scene of Tom where he's asked by two women on which kid belongs to him. Tom points out that Edd and Matt are his kids...or should I say grown adult men acting like kids are his and cue the scene where Matt is get his face painted while Edd looks for eggs. 

We then get a montage where Edd hunts for eggs while he constantly runs in the little girl from before. I personally enjoyed this montage. It was great to watch. 

Technically Edd is looking at the scoreboard where he is currently tied with the little girl who both found 88 eggs. Not wanting to lose, Edd spots another egg that hasn't been found, but before he heads over to where the egg is at, he notices something moving in trees. It turns out to be bunny, but it wasn't any ordinary bunny. No, it was the Beaster Bunny. 

Finally, after so much hype at the end of the last episode, we get to see Beaster Bunny in its full appearance. Ah yes! Here it comes as it jumps out from hiding. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! 

The Beaster Bunny lands in front of Edd, Tom, and Matt and the camera reveals the Beaster Bunny and it's covered in chocolate. Chocolate? Chocolate! CHOCOLATE!!! 

In case if you didn't know before the episode was released, I made concept art on what Beaster Bunny would look like after assuming that it was covered in radioactive material. Apparently I wasn't on the radioactive stuff since the huge egg at the beginning probably contained which caused a mutation mixed with chocolate.

Speaking of concept, I've spent all of late February and basically the entire month of March writing a fanfic where Edd, Tom, and Matt fight the Beaster Bunny. I released the prologue on Tuesday. After seeing what Beaster Bunny officially looks like, I probably need to take out some things from the script that wrote, but that's for a later chapter. 

Anyway, everyone gazes at the creature as the Beaster Bunny gazes back at them before roaring causing panic at the park. 

We then get a scene of Eduardo and Mark as everyone runs past them before coming face to face with the Beaster Bunny. Mark runs away in fear leaving Eduardo behind, but Eduardo kinda backs down and states that he feel like being a jerk. Oh Eduardo....you poor, poor man. Why guys looking at me? Eduardo doesn't have any feelings besides anger. I'm not....I- Eduardo......I want give you a hug *cries* 

When Eduardo cries, I cry.

Erm....the Beaster Bunny continues to cause havoc and throws a man who tries shooting at it. The man cries out for Super Guy, but....remember he got killed.

Back at the park, Edd sees nog on a table and tells Tom about it, but Tom immediately puts his face into a bowl filled with it. Edd deciding to end of the Beaster Bunny himself grabs a barrel of nog and picks up a tiki torch and confronts the Beaster Bunny head on in epic showdown.

Edd says "Egg to meet you" as Tom and Matt just stares at him before Edd puts the torch in front of the barrel but it slips out his arms and explodes in the opposite way. 

Meanwhile, we get a scene of trucks that carry nog on their way to the park. Back at the park, we see a man that brought animals for a petting zoo of some sort and starts packing them into a briefcase which big enough all the animals. Don't ask, it's called Eddsworld logic and cartoon logic. 

The man realizing that bunny that he has us missing and we cut back to the trucks and then we cut to a bunny wearing a top hat. Thanks to a watchful eye, the truck's brakes get slammed on and the truck ends up not hitting the bunny. 

Back at the park, Edd notices nog on ground that came leaking of the truck before kicking a torch down causing the nog to be set ablaze as the Beaster Bunny gets blasted into the sky saving everyone. 

Matt says that they saved the town, but Edd gets distracted by an egg. Tom then says with a sigh that he remembers that Edd was the smart one, but in full honesty, all of three are the three idiots but they're our three idiots. 

After a few credits scroll, we get a scene of Matt reading off a list of Easter puns thinking that they're better than the ones that Edd comes up with. 

After another credits scroll, we see that egg at the beginning has been taken to some government lab where's it is being examined. Afterwards we get a scene of Easter Island where deep underground there are more eggs and a mysterious creature emerges from the shadow hinting another plot based episode with another month. 

Ah yes, time for time more fan theories and more fanfic writing for me. 

And that was Beaster Bunny. I give it a solid chocolate bunny out of 10. 

Thanks for reading up to this far. I'll see you in the next episode review.