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The Birds and The Bees (A quick review)

Posted by Lbat1901 - February 12th, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...well Happy early Valentine's Day

Welcome back to another Eddsworld episode review. Today I will be taking the newest short The Birds and The Bees which is a Valentine's Day themed short.

Also I just want to say that this review may be very short unlike how my reviews on Fan Service 2 and Casting Call were long since I had a lot to say in them.

Anyway enough of me rambling, let's get into it.

The short opens with a typical mad scientist guy that you see in those movies and oh, he has an accent. We will get to that later.

The mad scientist rambles out loud about completing his latest project which took him a longtime before pulling a level causing a chain reaction. 

Afterwards, the door connected to some sort of mixer opens revealing the scientist's creation. At first we a silhouette of a woman surrounding by clouds which at viewing for the first time, he probably created a woman out of, you know, scientific material but not really.

If you guess by the title and by looking at those tubes that have picture of a bee and bird in them, the scientist actually created a hybrid and boy, the scientist fell in love. 

We then get a three scenes of them spending together from going on a picnic, to bike riding, to eating ice cream.

Eventually we get a scene of them at a restaurant where the scientist begins talking about his feelings to Bird-Bee (yes, that's what I am calling it) but before he could really set the mood, Bird-Bee leaves to go the restroom. 

The scientist then hears Bird-Bee's phone vibrating in her purse before getting it out only to see that someone named Jeff texted her. The scientist who is shocked tells Bird-Bee about as she came back. 

Bird-Bee breaks up with the scientist as he begins crying.

We then see both Bing and Matt who were watching the whole thing go down before doing an sponsorship that involves Audible. Also if you look very closely, you can see Matt eating a lobster. This is cannibalism.

Ok I just going to take the moment to say that the runtime of the short was mostly taken up by an ad and that they were a lot of people who seemly disliked it.

Ehh....I liked it. I mean it wasn't terrible, it was decent. However, we must remember to respect other people's opinions even though that there are some that you question sometimes. 

Also we should all know that animation takes time and so does art and writing. Game developing also takes time since you're starting from the ground and working your way up. 

Plus it's super important to pay your crew for their time and talent. 

Oh and remember the part where I said that I'll be talking about the scientist's accent later...well, how about right now? So while I was rewatching the short several times before writing this review, I've seen comments where people were comparing the scientist to Tord by voice.

Uh....I hate to ruin people's theories but I kinda have to debunk this. So I'm sorry, please don't hurt me. 

The accent that the scientist has is German which pretty typical for a mad scientist. Meanwhile, Tord has a Norwegian accent even though in Legacy, his accent sounded Slavic but that's a topic for another day. 

There is a slight difference between a German and a Norwegian accent. 

Alright enough of that, I was saving the very last thing and that would be the small sneak peek of the upcoming episode where we see some sort of bunny like creature that seems to be oozing out radioactive substances and I am pretty sure that it might be released around Easter. 

I don't know if that's true but I'm just guessing.

Anyway that should do it for the review. Thank you for making this far.

This has been Lbat1901 and after getting this review, I will be writing a fanfic where Edd, Matt, and Tom will be fighting against the mutant bunny monster despite the fact that I have other fanfics that I need to finish and actually start writing. Heheh....oh god help me

Anyway see ya later