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2020 review

Posted by Lbat1901 - December 31st, 2020

2020: I've already made the start of a new decade a living hell. I've brought nothing but chaos and a worldwide pandemic. I even made people loose their minds. I was going to do something else, but nah....it doesn't matter at this point. However, it would seem that I have a thorn in my side that I need to pull out.

Speaking of a thorn..... you're next, Lbat1901! 

Lbat1901(me): 2020, you bastard!!! 

2020: Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? 

Lbat1901(me): I can't beat the everlasting sh*t out of you without getting closer

2020: Oh ho! Then come as close as you like 

*Lbat1901 and 2020 walk towards each other and at the speed of light, Star Platinum appears and attempts to punch 2020 in the face* 

Star Platinum: ORA!!! 

*2020 manages to block the attack by summoning their Stand Covid-19* 

2020: *smirks* Too slow, too slow! Covid-19 is the ultimate Stand. Even without its power to stop time and cause chaos in its wake, its speed and power far exceed that of your Star Platinum

Lbat1901(me): So Covid-19 is the same type of Stand as Star Platinum. Not much range, but immense power

2020: You know, I've wanted to test you a little to see if my Stand can beat you; however, it seems that I did some miscalculations on Star Platinum

Lbat1901(me): And by testing me, you actually mean by patting me which did nothing to hurt me, correct? 

2020: Hmph....I don't like your tone. It would seem that I shall rise to your silly provocation and test you a bit more. I hope you're ready Lbat1901 because I, 2020, will be the very last thing that you'll ever face

*2020 and Lbat1901 stood still for a few minutes as they watched each other before deciding to throw punches with their Stands* 

Star Platinum: Ora! Ora! Ora! 

Covid-19: Muda! Muda! Muda! 

[ |To be continued |]


We've made it. We've finally made it. 

God damn, this year has been absolutely miserable. 

If there was to be only word to be used to describe 2020, it would be the word f**k.

Holy f**king sh*t. Where do I even start with this train wreck of a year? 

To those who are new to this, I'll make this clear. I've been doing year end reviews since 2016 and quite frankly it became a side job. Every passing year, my reviews get nastier and nastier. So before we begin, please forgive if I get emotional.

2020 was supposed to be the start of a brand new decade, but we must ask ourselves, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!!? How did 2020 become a god damn DISGRACE!? 

In order to start off we must go to January also known as the month where zero f**ks are given. I swear to god that January in later years has been absolutely horrible. 

But this year's January, had Donald Trump go onto Twiter and threaten World War III and guess what, it only happened in the first three days into the new year. Are you serious right now!? 

We can't even have a fresh start into the new year especially if it's the first week without Trump f**king things up. 

To add more insult to injury, the wildfires in Australia continued throughout the month of January. Oh, wait, I meant bushfires. It started in June 2019 (which is spring) and went out of control in September in the same year. It begin to worsened in November 2019 and continued throughout the new year till March 2020. It burned more than 46 million acres (72,000 square miles). 

And that's the end of it, we lost a celebrity in the first of the year and at the start of whole new decade and that celebrity was Kobe Bryant. Oh god, nobody was ready to lose him of all people. I've never recovered from this. It still hurts. 

In late August, we lost Chadwick Boseman unexpectedly due to a long battle with cancer. However this isn't the only cancer related celebrity death, we lost Alex Trebek the host of Jeopardy in early November. 

But the most biggest offence has to be the worst part of this year and that is Covid-19. When the news on Covid-19 came into light in February everyone around the planet were on their toes once they heard that China was having trouble keeping it under control. Technically China had problems with this respiratory airborne virus back in November and December 2019. 

Of course Trump himself downplayed the virus instead of sending the pandemic team to China. Speaking of the pandemic team, Trump actually fired them because they were under the Obama administration when in fact, it was formed by George W Bush and was added on when Obama was the president. But did Trump realize this? Nah fam, let's get rid of everything that had Obama's name on it especially when it needs to be used in case of a future global pandemic. 

Oh what a cock of bullsh*t. The world went into full lockdown mode once Covid-19 made its way from China to the United States, Canada, Europe.... basically the entire world which lead everyone into a panic as people scrambled to stores and take all the stock of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Don't even get me started on the lack of can food within March and April. I swear of you wanted a can of soup from your local grocery store, sorry pal, the store doesn't have any. It sucked.

Alright I've already mentioned that Trump did nothing when Covid-19 invited itself into the US and they are actually some people out there who say that Trumo did something. I hate to sound like a broken record but he didn't do jacksh*t.

"BuT hE StoPpED ThE FLigHTs FrOm ChINa" 

Yeah he did, but he didn't do it right away like in terms of the virus entering mainstream media in February. Even when he did stop flights from coming in and out between China and the US, it a little too slow, too late. The governors of each state had to do state lockdowns since Trump's party didn't do a single damn thing and yet, Trump claims that he controls the states when in reality he doesn't.

The governors and legislatures of each state have their own rules and they obviously care about the people who live in each state unlike Trump and his team of rich arseholes especially that dumb blonde chick who's the speaker of each meeting who lies out of her own arse. She honestly must be getting paid to lie because you need to pay a lot of money just to go up on stage with a straight face and empty head. 

Now before I talk about the next thing, I'm sure that everyone would agree that wearing a mask out in public despite hating them since they block out your breathing flow sometimes, but what if we're to tell you that in the United States, wearing a mask and not wearing mask is now a political thing. Yeah, you heard me right.

Apparently since Trump likes to downplay the virus he believes that you shouldn't be wearing a mask and saying that virus isn't much of a threat and it's not as bad as the flu. 

Oh shut the f**k up with that statement. 

Just like the flu, people can die from Covid-19 and In fact, Covid-19 is even worse than the flu since it attacks your respiratory system and goes for your lungs making it quite difficult to breathe. Trump, so far this year over a million people around the world died from this virus and it's not just the old people, there are actually people under their 60s that died. It's not a joke. To out it lightly, don't downplay and take the virus like it's nothing. 

Also to add to this, there are people in the ICU that are on ventilators who are struggling to breathe and yet, the people who believe a word from Trump, still say it's a hoax until they get it themselves which gives them this thought of: "oh sh*t, it's not a joke". 

Now the US has recently passed over the 330,000 death mark. All of these deaths could've been avoided if Trump and his lackeys would get off their high horses and send the pandemic team to China in November and December of 2019 along with cutting off flights. Sure there would still be a lot of deaths in the US, but at least it's better to not wait at the last minute. 

Even Trump himself revealed that he knew how deadly Covid was but he didn't want to cause panic. Well, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but people were already panicking when news about the virus was an issue. So good job on being aware I guess. God.....

Also Mitch McConnell, also known as Trump's poster boy, said that he realized that there was a pandemic team and they could've been used at anytime. Well yeah, no sh*t Sherlock. There was a pandemic team, but you brave cheeto of a leader fired them. I hate to say this but even through Nixon had a huge ego and pretty hated the media at the same levels as Trump, at least Nixon wouldn't let a deadly virus to get out of control. Trump makes Nixon look a god damn saint compared to him and that's pretty sad. 

Nixon's probably like this in afterlife: "I've did all these things such as being against the press and ended up residing due to my own party not putting up with my sh*t anything while this guy Trump is getting away with so much crap and not being charged of his actions? What the hell?" - Nixon, probably.

Ok but to the whole debate between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask. Thanks to Trump not shutting up, he made the US even more divided. Out of all the things to debate about, you choose masks. If you were to ask, well tell, a person to wear a mask they will get defensive stating that: "but you're taking away my rights". Yes, you do have rights. You have the right to be an absolute heartless, selfish prick who only cares about yourself and not the wellbeing of others. Sure you may not get the virus, but they is a high chance you might give it your grandma who is wayyyy up in her 80s and has several health problems. Oh and if she dies, it's your fault since you were the last person that she ever interacted with.

There is literally a rule where if you don't have a mask on while at a public place, you don't get service and you don't get to go in. It's basically the new no shirt, no shoes, no pants, no service and if you have a problem with that then, I'll put this in the most nicest way as possible: STAY THE F**K HOME. It's not that hard people. S-T-A-Y-H-O-M-E. Stay home! 

I swear that the whole wearing a mask vs don't wear a mask thing has become the new Pepsi vs Coca-Cola and to be honest with you, I actually like both Pepsi and Coca-Cola. 

The biggest thing that I learned in the year of 2020, is that if you dislike Trump and dislike the Confederate flag, you are a communist and you may be a psychopath. Who the....what the f**k is wrong with you people that actually say this? Seriously though what the actual f**k? Do you even know the definition of the word communist means? Do you even know anything about mental illnesses? Do you even know history? Well apparently not if you telling people this. 

Short history lesson: there was a civil war in the US between the Union and the Confederacy in the 1860s. Basically the Confederacy went against their own country in order to keep the slavery of black people in the form of treason. It was a long war filled with bloodshed and it ended when the Confederacy surrendered and afterwards with a series talking with each other, slavery has been abolished in the US. Years after the war, however, the Confederate flag went from a flag that represents the south to a flag that's a symbol of hate in a similar fashion to that of the nazi flag. It's also been called the rebel and loser flag. 

Annnnnd they are people in the south that actually say that the Confederate flag is their southern pride. It's not pride, it's a representation of treason to your own country and it's not a good thing. 

So back on disliking Trump, Trump told everyone that they should drink cleaning bleach in order to protect themselves from Covid. Also there was a doctor that just shook her head no many times going "oh hell no". The president of the United States is telling people to drink bleach, you know, in the same way as to the people who told to parents that have children with autism drink bleach would "cure" them with autism. That's like wanting to spread awareness that pollution is bad to the planet by throwing acid into the ocean and teaching people that murder is wrong by killing someone out on the street. 

There is a warning label on a bottle of bleach for a reason. The human stomach is not meant to consume bleach and in fact, it could literally poison you and kill you. Plus it burns and it smells. 

And I hate arguing with people especially those that have already pre-existing health conditions. My mom has a friend who has asthma and had surgery on her heart when she was a little girl. My mom also said that there were times during her college days where her friend forgot to bring her inhaler. To be truthful it's not a pleasant sight to see a person who has asthma struggling to breathe. Apparently my mom and her friend got into an argument where her friend believed that she can't get Covid when in reality, if she were to get it, she won't survive. So Kris or my mom is reading up to this part and Kris especially, I apologize for what I might say. How f**king dumb are you? You already have health conditions and if you were to get the virus, you'll be struggling to breathe. And I know you read from an article and actually listen to Trump and his idiotic friends. Seriously get your head out of your arse. Covid isn't a god damn joke. 

Back to the whole being a communist for hating Trump, you got to be the most dead brain and stupidest person the whole planet for saying that. How can you support a man who's divided an entire country, turned the economy and stock market of this year into hell in terms of numbers compared to those found in the Great Depression, had a group of peaceful protestors get spayed by tear gas to get to a church in order to hold a bible upside down that across the street, had rallies where nobody wore a mask that made the state with already high number of cases go shy high, downplayed a deadly virus that spread all over the world, doesn't give a single damn about anyone or have any morals for the human race, and worst of all pardons white supremacy groups.

Oh yeah, in late in May in which 2020 seemed to get better only for us to get slapped in the face, when an officer stood on the neck of George Floyd which cut of his airflow in eight minutes resulting in his death. This caused outrage in the state of Minnesota which lead to protests, but there were rioters that went through Lake Street and burned down businesses. Throughout the summer, protest and riots continued all over the US in order. Plus the case of Breonna Tyler was brought up again after her tragic death to fatal gun shot wounds. Now I'm just going to say this once, but I never really talk about racism in any of my year end reviews yet alone talk about outside of them since it's a touchy subject. But I'm not against BLM nor the idea of fighting for equal rights especially when a race has been oppressed for centuries. 

It also important for me to say that the world that we all live in is a hell where death is always close by. In order to combat any negative feelings and hopelessness, you'll need determination, strength, courage, knowledge, and the will the survive.

Also it's worth pointing out that, when top authority figures in Minnesota were reviewing the police footage that plays out the events of George Floyd before and after his death, the leading person said that he died of an overdose. Umm.....excuse me Mr. authority person, but uh....how do you even function!? 

The only good thing about this year was that Trump got Covid in October. Unfortunately this doesn't last long since he was given the good drugs which made him high as a kite. Yeah....now that you know this, you probably realize that the US healthcare system is clearly broken in terms of who gets the most treatment. If you can afford to get the good stuff, you're gucci and if not, too bad. Trump felt so good that he was ready for the November elections and the presidential debate against Joe Biden in which he makes himself like a complete buffoon. At least the debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris wasn't god awful to watch. 

However, everyone at this point was sick and tired of Trump inconsistent bs, that he lost the election and he is still trying to convince people that the election was rigged and that mail in votes are fraud. You know, before Trump became the president, he actually voted by mail. Oh this smells of hypocrisy because that what it is technically. Unfortunately Trump by claiming that the election was rigged, it's not working and you're just making yourself even worse than what you already are.

Also I would like to take the moment to say f**k you to North Carolina governor Thom Tillis for getting a new bill for copyright and the DMCA to put streamers and content creators who put copyrighted music into their content in jail. F**k off with that and f**k copyright holders. They don't provide the artist protection and only care about money. If I were in control of this, I will tell WMG (Warner Music Group) to go f**k themselves and actually pay the artist directly and give them exposure if they new or an old artist. Plus I would rewrite the DMCA and copyright laws to the point where there aren't so brutal. 

I swear that there needs to be fresh young blood in power since they know what the internet and media is like just so they get rid of the old ultra boomers out of office. There should also be an age limit or a number of terms for those that that are either governors, state representatives, and those that are in the seats in the congress. Trust me there are actually people in the US senate that are in their 80s and are there for life to the point where they might have no clue on what they're doing. 

And last and not least, we got the most controversial things to have ever happened in 2020 and that would Netflix's Cuties and it's a film that showcases minors that are under the age of consent being sexualized and are dressed up as...as....uh....the word that is used for a stripper and those that do some sexual dance performances. I don't want to say it. 

This movie was released in September but it blew up on Twitter once the poster was revealed and the name of sweet baby Jesus, it's the most disgusting thing that I've seen in my entire life and it's the reason why the world no is a thing. This movie shows cp and the person who made it was ok with it along the heads of Netflix. Why? Just why? 

Many people with defend the person who created the film because she's black, but I'll just say that no matter what race, sex, religion, or what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, it's not ok to force child to pose in sexual poses and be ok with pedophila. 

I actually cancelled my Netflix subscription after watching Beastars and researching both JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and The Office. However, I had to renew it in order to watch season three of Aggrestuko...yeah....I didn't want to miss it. But in all seriousness, there are people out there that defend this movie and plus the critics that say that Cuties is a great film don't deserve to be called critics.

And you know what, forget this year. I'm glad that this year is reaching its end and I'm glad that 2021 is coming. I hope it's a good year and I know I shouldn't be saying that out of the fear that 2021 may be worse.

Anyway thanks for making it this far and see you next year.


2020: I did it. I actually crushed Lbat1901 with an oil tanker. Ha! This proves that no one can surpass 2020! Puny mortals, I shall rule you all! Ten seconds have passed! Now my ability to stop time has reached ten seconds! 

*laughs evilly* 

Now, then...I guess I should Lbat1901's lifeless body and drink their blood. If there's anything left! 

*suddenly out of nowhere, 2020 hears a click sound before jumping off of the oil tanker as it explodes. However, the explosion hurts 2020 as they land to the ground hard* 

2020: What the hell was that? Was that a click and how did the oil tanker explode? 

*suddenly time stops as 2020 can't move* 

2020: Wh-What? My body..... I can't move at all! It can't be I made time resumed. What's going on? 

*out of the flames of the destroyed oil tanker comes out Lbat1901 with Star Platinum behind them as the two approach 2020* 

Lbat1901(me): 2020! It's been a good 30 seconds and it would seem that you forgotten how to count

2020: NANI!? 

Lbat1901(me): While you were yanking about your "victory" over me, I've stopped time at the nine second mark which allowed me to escape. Oh and I had Star Platinum touch the oil tanker for its new ability known as Bites The Dust. Oh and uh, time flows again

*time resumes as 2020 regains their balance* 

2020: Unbelievable. You've managed to get in control of stopping time. How and where did you learn it? 

Lbat1901(me): Oh I learned it from DIO 

2020: DIO.....of course it had to be him. You're a clever one Lbat1901 but unfortunately, you're still going to die by my hand

Lbat1901(me): You know what? I was going to let you walk away if you give up, but I guess not

2020: Enough talk, prepare to die! 

Covid-19: MUDA! 

Star Platinum: ORA! 

*the two Stands attacked as Star Platinum made a blow to Covid-19's leg* 

2020: Ehehe... it would that- what the...? 

*before 2020 could finish their sentence, they were interrupted by the sounds of cracking. It turns out that the punch from Star Platinum managed to cause a crack in Covid-19's leg which resulted in Covid-19 breaking apart along with 2020* 

2020: WHAT!? No! That's impossible....how could I lose!? How could I lose!? I......KONO 2020 DA!!! 

*eventually 2020's entire body gets obliterated as it collapses onto the ground* 

Lbat1901(me): Hey 2020, do you want to know how you lost? It's because you really pissed me off. Also yare yare daze