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The Top 5 Eddisodes of Eddsworld

Posted by Lbat1901 - December 2nd, 2020

[Note: This right here was my first Eddsworld based commentary to have been released to the public. I started to share my thoughts of the fandom when Legacy was around. Of course none of them saw the light of day since well, at the time, I was reviewing Eddsworld fanfics and let's just saw I was going through an edgy unstable phase.

Also they weren't all the good. Anyway for this list, I wrote this in 2018 and I didn't make an intro, so it just kinda starts off in a way. All you need to know is that what is mentioned in the list is my opinion]


#5. Zombeh Attack 

I'm starting this list off by going back in time to the year 2005. Zombeh Attack was the first series of Eddisodes trilogies and it still holds that title as of today. The first part was released on October 4th 2005 on Newgrounds. It became so successful that the other parts were later released on May 6th 2005 and on April 28th 2007 respectively. The first two parts were released onto YouTube in 2007 but both of them were removed due to YouTube's Copyright Infringement. Oh YouTube and your Copyright Infringement. All three parts were later uploaded in 2015, so you can watch them in order anytime you want. Anyway....Zombeh Attack was heavily inspired by The Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead which are zombie films. Let's be honest here, I really like zombie films and zombies, so when I saw Zombeh Attack having zombies in it I was giddy. Sure someone will tell me that the animation may be bad in today's standards but this is how Eddsworld started and this how Eddsworld came to be as a whole. Also it's worth noting that this was the first time we saw Zombeh Matt and Zombeh Tord. With that in mind we did get fanart for these two a lot. Plus it's also worth mentioning that Matt played the antagonist role, which was amazing. And one more thing, Matt was given a voice in this as well. The current number of views for Zombeh Attack (if combining all three parts) is at 556,865 views on Newground. 

#4. Saloonatics 

I have always had an interest and fascination for the good old days of the Wild West, mostly known as the Gold Rush era. I've wished for one Eddisode where it takes place in a western town filled with cowboys and all of that adventure and what do you know, I got my wish. Oh my god, it was the best thing that could ever happen to me in my whole entire life. Saloonatics was that Eddisode that took place in the late 1800s, where America was doing western expansion filled with the things that you might see in a western based film. It had cowboys, sheriffs, bandits, and it even had a prince from England. It was first released into YouTube on February 12th 2016. I really liked how Edd, Tom, and Matt had ancestors along with Eduardo, Jon, and Mark. We had Edward Gold, Sheriff Thompson, Prince Matthew, Juan, Marco, and of course Eduardo's ancestor shares the same name as him. Interestingly enough, it was the first Eddisode that talks about the past. The current number of views for Saloonatics is currently over 8 million views on YouTube. 

#3. Hammer & Fail 

Do you want to hear a really good idea for a Eddisode? We should have Edd, Matt, and Tom become builders. Yeah that's a great idea, I know. Let's go make it happen. do it. Oh look, I have another Eddisode taking a slot on this list that has multiple parts (well two to be exact). Hammer & Fail Part 1 was first released September 10th 2010 and Part 2 was released on July 23rd 2011 onto YouTube and Newground. Hammer & Fail is considered to be a fan favorite, I mean just look at it, it's great. It's worth noting that this where Eduardo, Jon, and Mark made their debut and it sure holds up well. Also uh...this is where I created the #jonprotectionsquad because well....Jon got punched in the face. Of course who could forget about that building montage scene? I certainly didn't. The current number of views for Part 1 is over 9 million views while Part 2 is currently over 7 million views. Now if you were to combine both parts with their respective number of views on YouTube, you will get a number that's over 17 million views. 

#2 Fun Dead

Another Eddisode that features zombies? Sign me up! You do realize that this list wouldn't been official if I haven't included Fun Dead, right? Fun Dead is the first Eddisode in the series to get its own name thought up from the fans itself. Of course it took awhile for it to be made but in the end we got another zombie related Eddisode. Fun Dead was released on February 28th 2014 on YouTube. What can I say about this one? The premise was amazing! We had a cool opening intro for the credits along with a really good soundtrack. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up about Fun Dead before or not, but when Edd, Matt, and Tom took the time to go to an amusement park only to notice that there they surrounded by zombies the whole entire time, that it reminded me a lot of the one scene from Zombieland where two members of the group of main characters go into this abandoned amusement park before getting attacked by zombies. It really seemed familiar to that. No? Just me? Ah well, I still loved it anyway, but enough to overcome the fina, entry on this list. Fun Dead currently holds the record high of being the most popular video on the official Eddsworld YouTube channel with a total that's over 31 million views. 

Before we go onto the #1 spot, it's time for honorable mentions. Let's be fair here these were the Eddisodes that could've been on the list, but only barely. However they are still important and are fan favorites. They're not in any specific order whatsoever.


Matt Sucks


Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007

Hello Hellhole

The Snorge 

Space Face 


Moving Targets 

Casino Night

Trick or Threat 

Mirror Mirror

Movie Makers 

Zanta Claws 

Hide n' Seek

Alright enough of the honorable mentions, let's get right into the final entry.

#1. WTFuture 

Oh man....where do I even begin with this one? I guess I can start with the fact that this is the first Eddisode to be released in the year of 2010. WTFuture was released on February 13th 2010 on both YouTube and Newground. Along with it came this awesome looking movie themed poster that features the futuristic version of Edd wearing black jacket while holding a cool looking laser pistol. Plus he has facial hair and dark bags under (well around) his eyes. Just look at this poster, it really looks like that if would be something that you would see in a movie theater. If it was released in actual movie threatens around the world, I would of gotten my ticket first and be the first in line. I even would of wasted my money just to see it over and over again during its opening week. That's how much I care about WTFuture. It's so great! The soundtrack is great! The premise is great! The writing is....this is Eddsworld we're talking about here, of course its great. The future trio, these futuristic versions of Edd, Matt, and Tom are so awesome! Oh my god. Oh I forgot to mention this, but WTFuture was heavily inspired by the Terminator series. Plus in an extra scene Future Edd is seen talking Arnold Schwarzenegger. Freaking Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is this even real life right now? Oh....don't me started on that scene where Future Edd puts on sunglasses, Terminator style. 

I need- I need to calm down for a minute. Too much excitement. Okay, I'm find now at least. So...anyway, WTFuture is Edd's hardest yet his favorite animation, and boy does it show it. It's certainly a masterpiece. My only complaint is that time traveling and what the future is like wasn't really explored, but that's a just a small issue. If WTFuture were to have a sequel in the future or have one in development, I want a scene or an explanation as to why cola got outlawed. I want that to happen, because we don't know why or how cola got banned in the first place. Oh yeah, WTFuture has a lot of amazing fan art; however, it's mainly Future Tom who gets the most attention. I have nothing against Future Tom, but Future Matt rarely gets anything plus Future Edd is like the star of the show. I mean just look at the poster, he's literally on it. So why doesn't he get any more fan art? He's Future Edd for crying out loud. Okaaaayyy, I got a little sidetracked there. My apologies.

Anyway.....WTFuture is currently at over 11 million views just 20 million views behind Fun Dead, but nevertheless, WTFuture is number one on this list by default. 

Thank you so much for making it to the end. I hoped you enjoyed my list. Now if you would, can you please donate to the Make A Wish Foundation? If you were to send in money, you are giving Future Edd a can of cola because he needs it since he's a sad boy. He need some cola. 

This is Lbat1901 signing off. See ya next time