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Casting Call (A quick review)

Posted by Lbat1901 - November 26th, 2020

I bet nobody was expecting another episode to be released this year especially when it's released three months after Fan Service 2, but here we are.


Sorry about that I had somethingin my throat.

Anyway.... Hello there everyone and welcome to another Eddsworld episode review. I'm Lbat1901 and I'll be your host. In today's review we will be taking a look at Casting Calls to see what it bought to the table.

The episode gives us an inside view of the many voice actors for the characters in Eddsworld. The voice actors are auditioning for the roles that they want as Edd, Tom, and Matt give out their opinions. In full honesty, this episode gives me fourth wall break vibes but mostly creation meets creator vibes.

Anywho, the first audition has Jamie Spicer-Lewis who wants to audition for the role of Matt. For the people who don't know, Jamie was one of the five actors who auditioned for the role of Edd during the time of Legacy. The role was given to Tim Hautekiet. Jamie's known roles are Commander Bai, Bartender Todd, and Tord (The End). Speaking of the role of Matt, irl Matt wasn't too happy with it and begins arguing with his animated counterpart who tells him that he's fired. Irl Matt counters this by saying "You can't fire me. I quit" before leaving the room.

Christopher Bingham also known as Bing, you know, the guy who voices his character Evil Director or Evil Producer (if you want to get technical) is next person to audition. He tries to get the role of Tom but gets rejected.

Next up is Rob Debleyker who shows up to audition while being covered in blood which Matt question but resulted in Edd and Tom not caring.

Afterwards we get to see an animated version of irl Edd's brother, George Gould that gets the voice role of Edd.

Dave McElfatrick makes an attempt for auditioning ft or the role of Tom; however, Matt tells him to make his lines clearer due to not being able to hear the lines because of his Irish accent. Dave repeats his lines before being extorted out of the room by security.

Next we get the best part of the episode where the two actors of Eduardo, Brock Baker and Chris O' Neill fought each other on who's the better actor. It eventually ends when Brock says "Soy numero uno".

After the argument, the auditions continue with Jonti Picking who does additional voices in the series; however, Matt makes him angry causing him to storm off.

We then get a glance at the animation team who all wanted to audition but Matt sprays them with a spray bottle before realizing that the animation team aren't busy animating the episode which caused the style to to turn into the 2004 style.

The last person to audition was a man named Carpert Not Matt and after saying a couple of lines, irl Matt comes in and confronts animated Matt who tell him that Not Matt was auditioning for the role of Matt. Irl Matt then reveals it himself that he was in disguise and proves it by removing the fake nose moustache which resulted in everyone applauding him.

This doesn't last long as Ell, Tamara, and Matilda make a cameo appearance before the credits roll.

Halfway through the credits, Diwi and Mike make an appearance and were given roles with Diwi voicing Edd for the German dub of the series.

And that should do it for this review. Thank you for making it this far and I'll see again when a new episode is released.

See ya