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Rantception Se1Ep3: Rantception Ep1 gets removed by DeviantArt

Posted by Lbat1901 - October 28th, 2020

{Edit 28/10/20: I actually talked to DA to give me a clear explanation as to why Rantception Ep1 got taken down. Apparently DA claims that it was both hate speech and harassment. Sure I did call Prince an arsehole and d*ck which was pretty mean, but I was not straight up harassing her. The only person that did was Squirp but in more of a ranting style.

Lesson learned from this is that I will be posting a disclaimer for those that plan on doing a witch hunt at the beginning of all of my Rantception episodes}

*sighs* ...2020 sure gets worse and worse........

Yeah uh, hello and good afternoon or evening(?) everyone. It's currently passed 1am and I am tired.

And yes by the title, the first episode to Rantception has been taken down. Yes, it was the one that was about princeofmints.

I was about to go to sleep till a notification came up coming from DA. Of course believing that it was a fave or a comment, I looked at and boooooooy I kinda wish I didn't.

Turns out that it was a note from the DA staff and I thought it was them responding to my Eclipse rants, but no, it had to be about Rantception Ep1.

DA apparently didn't read the disclaimer nor the edit note at the very beginning.

Despite obeying the site guidelines like the 10 Commandments, DA saw Rantception Ep1 as hate speech even though I was calling out Prince's actions which she later apologized for and I ended up forgiving her since we all say and do stupid things at times.

DA even told me that it was a little political even though they said nothing about for a span of three months.


Oh sorry DA staff, but I am little allergic to bullsh*t.

So your telling me that Rantception Ep1 was taken down because it was hate speech to a user who've apologized for their actions and it was political? Look I get that the US elections are a within a couple of days, but seriously?

Rantception as a series doesn't contain political content. Sure it does go over bad things happening within in the Eddsworld fandom, but you need to understand that Eddsworld as a whole isn't political nor hate speech.

They are completely different things. Oh DA staff how much have you been smoking lately?

Anyway that should do it for this mini Rantception episode even though I speculate that someone reported it. To whomever reported it: why? Can you not read disclaimers? Do you know what a diaclaimer is yet alone a edited note?

Also if you believe that Rantception ep1 is gone forever think again because I've also published it on Newgrounds: https://lbat1901.newgrounds.com/news/post/1105167

See you in the next episode of Rantception