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Comment Comeback #1- Rantception Se1Ep1

Posted by Lbat1901 - 10 days ago

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of my brand new series called Comment Comeback. It's where I go and read all the comments i get from my Eddsworld based reviews (when there is a new short or episode released), Rantception, and pretty much anything in between.

I take a look at the comments that ask for more info or that ask for clarification. I might also look at comments where people downright insult me. I don't know it depends. I used to do these when I criticize on horrible Eddsworld fanfics that I found on Wattpad. In honesty, I had no idea what I was doing and I was an edgy kid which wasn't a good combination. This was before I had my Lbat1901 name by the way.

Anyway, enough of that.

So far this year, I've talked about the Future AU and why I think it's overrated. I even did a second rant on TBATF which has things that I've left out in my first rant on them. I've also talked about WTFuture during the time of its 10th anniversary and as of recently I've talked about Fan Service 2.

Here are their links:

The Future AU: https://www.deviantart.com/lbat1901/journal/The-Future-AU-is-overrated-841669203 ;

My Second TBATF Rant: https://www.deviantart.com/TBATF-hasn-t-changed-another-rant-840013511 ;

Fan Service 2 Review: https://www.deviantart.com/Fan-Service-2-Quick-Mini-Review-850765318

WTFuture Retrospect: https://www.deviantart.com/WTFuture-A-10-Year-Retrospect-830313763 ;

But we're not here to talk about them today. We're here to talk about the topic of what's in the title of this.

It's clearly 4am where I am at (Editor: or was) and I am currently listening to Kirby and Pokemon music while I am writing this. I am like being really careful of what I say.

So about two months ago, I've published the first ever episode of Rantception and with the help of TatSquirp, we've talked about princeofmints. In full honesty, I really didn't want to make it and when it came to hitting the publish button, I was having second thoughts. As soon as I made it live, I had a feeling of regret, but I've pushed it aside to work on other projects which resulted in my review of Fan Service 2.

All things were looking great as I've decided to work on scripts of future Rantception episodes. I've sent my script for episode 2 to my editor and I am still currently waiting for it to come back to me. While I was waiting, I've received a response from princeofmints herself which was unexpecting.

I've replied to her calmly since I didn't want to start up an argument and after awhile, she came out and apologized with a second comment. Of course she is probably expecting to get a reply, but I wanted to give her a response in full detail and not give off a huge wall of text. You're welcome.

So prince if you're seeing this, I've accepted your apology and I understand that you couldn't respond to what happened on Animo clearly which resulted in a hazy mess. But regardless of that, you've owned up to your mistakes which was a great thing. We're not all perfect beings in nature. We all say and do some stupid things at times as long as we can learn and become a better person which I can relate since I, still to do this day, make mistakes.

I'm glad that you've moved on from it and say, your new art looks really great so far. I wish you the best of luck in the future and to that, if you see the word old along with an update note before the opening paragraph of Rantception episode 1, it is now considered to be outdated and no longer relevant.

Oh and one more thing: I am really sorry that I called you an arsehole and a d*ck. Looking back at it, it was a bit harsh. Also if you do decide to come back to Animo with a different name and a new fresh start, I'll be waiting. Speaking of Animo, after getting this up, I will be talking to Squirp and see if I can get her to forgive you whenever she's online. I know that she said that she'll never forgive you, but you deserve a second chance in my eyes

With that out of the way, remember when I placed a disclaimer to not harass prince in my Rantception episode? I actually meant it; however, there are some people out there who don't bother to read disclaimers. Such a case as to a person known as perfectfoxylover who've made a comment believing that I was straight up harassing prince and her followers.

I'm sorry, but I hate to break it to you perfectfoxylover, but I wasn't harassing prince or her followers. I literally had a disclaimer which said "do not harass prince". Did you not read that part? Well you probably did but ignored it by giving me a comment saying that I was harassing her. Sure maybe I did ruin a bit of her reputation and somewhat of her image since that's what rants/callouts do, but I was not harassing her and also there were other people that talked about her. I wasn't the only person who made a callout post. But hearing, well reading, what you said about it really sounds like I was sending her death threats.

If I were to be harassing her I would've said: "yeah guys, go ahead and harass prince and her followers because they're bad" and honestly, if those words were to come out of my mouth, I would look like Leafyishere who apparently bullies people on the internet. I am not Leafy even though that I am like basically the opposite to The Tomee Bear and that Eddsworld needs people doing commentary.

Speaking of Leafy, I do criticize the person and callout some of their problems, but I don't send out witch hunts like he does. Instead of sending an army filled with hate, I do hope that person will own up to their mistakes and apologize for them along with stating that their past is behind them and that they will approve which is what prince did so I forgive her.

*sighs* ........ well that sure ended on a vent-ish rant. I really had to get off of my chest since it bothered for way too long. I also just want to put this behind me because I got tired of looking at it.

Oh perfectfoxylover.....if you're reading to this part.....don't even bother on trying to counter on what I just said to you and also don't take it personally. I am so done with this. I had enough.

This has been Lbat1901 signing off and I'll see you in probably Rantception ep 2, but for now, I'm gonna lay down now