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Fan Service 2 (A quick mini review)

Posted by Lbat1901 - August 7th, 2020

(I forget that Newgrounds exist sometimes)

You've probably came here because of the title and yes, I will be reviewing Fan Service 2.


Just a quick thing to know: I am no professional reviewer at all. I am basically doing this for fun.


So...Fan Service 2 is the long awaited sequel to Fan Service which was released on August 1st.


The short opens up with Edd which turns out to be a picture of him. At first this scene gave me a feeling of sadness, but I didn't pay attention to it for long as we notice a calendar that says March 2016 which was the month when The End pt 2 was released and the last month when Eddsworld made an eddisode.


Oh, I forgot to mention that scene with the picture of Edd isn't the ttue opening scene. The actually scene is a building where we assume is where the eddisodes are made at and it has a sign that says "under new management".


Anyway, after we see the calendar, the sounds of a door opens revealing Matt before he changes the calendar 

Matt then heads over to a laptop to read emails. A shocking thing to know is that inbox has 121,898 new messages which he looks over.


The first email was something about a crossover for an animation idea which Matt clicks on. The email gives him a link to a fanfic.


Ok, during the same first viewing of this, I didn't like where this was going, but at the time I was curious to see what this person wrote in their fanfic.


I'll be honest with you, I have always wanted to share my Eddsworld fanfics and ideas to the official crew in hopes that they might get adapted into future eddisode. Hell, I even get comments saying that my ideas should be used and they do have point; however,

I don't see the crew messaging me on social media or emailing me for a job opportunity anytime soon, but one can dream.


Back to the short, Matt gets taken to the fanfic to see what kind of fanfic that this mystery person wrote and booooooy, does he regret seeing it. Ooooooh, the fanfic was.....pretty concerning on the way Matt showed many different feelings of emotion and how he pointed a few things that were in it.


I'm assuming that the fanfic contained some topics that don't need to be seen by the crew including Matt himself and I am pretty sure that the fanfic was on Wattpad because that's where all the bad Eddsworld fanfics are on.


After a moment of pure torture, Matt pours in some alcohol into his mug, which something that I would've done if I read a fanfic like that.



He then sees an attachment of some fanart. Matt cautiously clicks on it to see the most truly revolting thing that he has ever seen in his entire life. Sin. He saw sin.


Eventually, Matt goes a little mental and state jumps out of a window that results into his own death. We then get a view of his gravestone which reads "I hate this job".


Same here, pal. Get in line.


And that was the end of that.


So what are my thoughts on this short? Well after waiting for four years for new content, we got it and it was worth it. Animation and presentation? Oh, what am I talking about? It's Eddsworld. The animation and presentation is usually always good for the most part.


I've always wanted a sequel to Fan Service for years and I got it and I loved it.


Now here's the part where there's some criticism that I found while going through the comment section. First up, Edd. Well, it's called Eddsworld, not Mattsworld. We don't need to get into another debat over Legacy where people called it Tomsworld. We'll see both Edd and Tom in next eddisodes, but for now we get see how Matt is doing.


Next we get to the part where Tom wasn't seen at all and that's because said he left. Actually, uh, the real Tom left not his animated counterpart. People don't seem to understand this or they forgot. The real Tom gave Matt and the crew permission to use his character when he said that he will be no longer be associated with Eddsworld.


Now we get to the last issue. The tag EWBeyond. I.....don't have anything against, but it kinda goes into the fact that Matt is the only one who've worked with Edd long with Bing who still works on the series and he should be treated with respect. However, people don't seem that the short focused on Matt and he'll become a main character which again isn't the case since series is about Edd and his world. It says so in the frickin title.


Overall, this short did made those who wanted something new to shut up and enjoy it and it even opened the doors to new fans. ..Uh...hi new fans.


My final rating for this short is a: very concerning fanfic with some concerning themes in it plus a bottle of alcohol out of 10


Thank you making it this far. See you in the next one. Maybe.