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DeviantArt, ya'll screwed up big time

Posted by Lbat1901 - April 23rd, 2020







Boy am I pissed today and I thought things couldn't get any worse.

Oh I was wrong. 

If you're wondering on why I sound so angry that's because didn't you get the news? No? Well lucky you, but unfortunately, I am gonna break the news whenever you like it or not.

So I was just going through my notifications until I noticed that there's a new thing for the hot topic section of my feed. 

Aye.... I wish I didn't see it. 

DA actually thought that they would be so sneaky to use my sleeping hours of my timezone to drop a bomb stating that Eclipse will be permanent in mid May. 

The jokes are on them. I saw it and thanks to them I've spent the remaining hours of sleep enduring night terrors or what I would like to them the "Lbat creator mode" thinking about this horrible and down right...uh...unfair(?) thing. 

Oh DA you sure f**ked up big time. Yeah insert Roblox death sound here: OOF 

But Lbat don't you think that you're overreacting a little? Like it can't be all that bad

Oh and that's where I stop you. Last year I made a small vent-ish rant about why I didn't like Eclipse after using the toggle to go back to the old look. In that rant I explained the pros and cons and not soon afterwards I listed even more cons but only kept one pro. 

The only redeeming quality of Eclipse is that DA finally gets a night mode. Unfortunately it doesn't look all that impressive. There's only three colors to choose from and they're all mediocre. This wouldn't be an issue if they were to add the old look but with a slight slicker appearance to give out a sort of feeling nostalgia, but no they made it boring instead.

In my vent, I stated that the dark mode looked cool when first viewed; however, looking at it now, it almost feels like you're looking into a dark void of nothing and no personality whatsoever. It would be nice if they were to add some green highlights. Now that would be cool.

Now the cons. There's way too many problems with the features that Eclipse gives us. I already whined about how you can only put 15 tags whenever you're submitting something new and not as many as your heart desires. But a new issue has arisen. I really don't like how the top right portion is laid out. Especially the many ways to submit things. 

In the old site the buttons for both submitting art and literature were in the same spot which made it easy to publish both at the same time. It's pretty cool. Unfortunately in Eclipse, you can't do that since both are separate. Well you probably can publish something at the same time. I don't know I am not in Eclipse so I can't tell you.  

But what I can tell you is that this whole new method on how you can submit things onto DA is complete utter bullsh*t. Also it came to my attention that literature isn't even included in your gallery along side with art. Again it's bullsh*t.

You know I have thinking about this a lot lately. If DA wanted to put a dark mode for the site they could've made it where there's a switch in your account settings which would give you the free privilege of viewing the site in dark mode with the aforementioned green highlights to make things pop at you. They could've easily done this like in the early or mid 2010s. The same goes for allowing everyone to have Core Membership benefits such as being able to customize your profile and change your username. There would still be a Core Membership but it would be for those who want to support the site and keep it growing. Like charity. They get to test things out before being released in a similar way to that of those being a Beta Tester. All of these things would be really awesome to have. But nope! They decided that it would be a great idea to revamp the site where everyone would hate it.

Just a little advice to all of you who are making a free social site or platform. If you want to update the site make sure to announce it along with allowing the user base to give out their thoughts on how to make it work for everyone. Take feedback and imply it to the new design. By doing this you will gain the respect and love from your users. Sure they may be a majority of people disliking it, but at least you've asked for their input and not to do it unexpectedly without listening to them.

And the reason why DA decided to give out the news about forcing the switch to Eclipse is possibly because of the lockdown. Who knows. If it was that than oh boy, 2020 sure gets better each passing day. No it f**king doesn't! 

So yeah that's my second vent on Eclipse. I am not looking forward for mid May. After April is over and before we all switch over, I will be posting two very last things onto DA. One of them being all the links to my other socials so you can follow me there. I am still mixed on whenever to keep posting to DA or not. 

Anyway that should do it for now. My final words for Eclipse is that it's total sh*t and that DA is truly going through a spiraling downward trajectory.  

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.