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The TBATF Rant

Posted by Lbat1901 - April 16th, 2020

(A quick note this was written and posted on my DA and my EWA accounts. Plus this is a little old and I will be making follow up to this)

Did you really think that I was just going to let this who thing fly under the radar? Apparently not. 

I tried to not jump onto the bandwagon but I have to admit that tearing up jerks and ranting about them is fun. Sorta....

For those who haven't heard, the TBATF crew is in hot water now. If you don't know what TBATF is I'll tell you. TBATF, also known as, The Beginning And The Friend, is an Eddsworld fancomic which takes place after The End. It is apparently "based" off of the series itself.

Now you're probably wondering why I put the word based in quotes. That's because the comic isn't based off Eddsworld. It's just a fancomic, not an actual Eddsworld comic. So it's technically an AU. But do the people running seem to get this? Of course they don't. 

Technically the entire crew are horrible people, but there is one of them that is so evil of them all. I speak of Jax. The reasoning why is because she is manipulative, she is cruel, and she can even fake an innocent appearance. It is also should be mentioned that she was given the position of being one of the moda on the official Eddsworld Discord server. 

Uh news flash Jax, even though you were promoted it doesn't help for the fact that you told someone to kill themselves all because they discovered that there was scene in the comic where Edd got r/ped by anime girls. You heard that right. There was an actual scene in TBATF where Edd of all characters got r/ped by amine girls who all belong on the cover of a playboy magazine. That's messed up.

But wait...there's more. 

The person that she told to go kill themselves was a minor. A minor. And you're supposed to be a 20+ year old, but here's the thing, you've denied that you ever said anything. But....the jokes are on you, since although the messages have been deleted a good majority of them have been screenshotted. Aye not so slick are ya? 

The lesson to learn here is that never tell someone (mostly an innocent minor) to go kill themselves. You just don't. If you were to do that, you're going to be in a lot of trouble, like you are now. 

Do you really what to know what's worse than telling someone to go kill themselves? That's would be calling anyone who give you hate dEDD-heads and blocking them

Like you got to be really childish to block someone who give you something that you don't want to hear. Besides it's disturbing when you have to capitalize Edd when you know that the actual person is dead.

Even though calling people who don't like you or your comic may be bad enough, but that's not even the tip of ice cold proverbial iceberg. Apparently the TBATF crew wrote an entire post calling those people who hate them mediocre and talentless 

 [Incoming outburst of rage in 




Okay TBATF crew



I'll be completely honest here, during the entire course of my life I've been called many things and most of those stabbed me like a knife. But this.....this actually hurts. Mediocre? Talentless? You wonder who's mediocre? You people are. You're all mediocre just from saying this alone. And for saying that I have no talent. Um excuse me, I've been contributing to the Eddsworld fandom longer than you. I know what I'm doing. 

Next we go into this statement: "We've spent hours on researching these characters". Oh if I had a dime whenever I hear this. Even though you claimed to have spent your lovely time on watching Eddsworld from the beginning to the very end and no matter how you try, you cannot, I repeat, cannot get their personalities spot on. Let's be fair here, everyone (myself included) can't get their personalities right; however, at least we don't take everything that we with them in our own creations canon unlike you for the comic. 

First off Edd seems to like cola way more than his friends. He doesn't seem to care about Tom and Matt and instead goes for a soda machine. Edd may be a jerk, but at least he shows respect for the human race 

Second Tom, well he may seem alright in earlier chapters, but Chapter 5, my god. Since when in actual canon has Tom ever shown that he cares about Matt? Since when? In WTFuture, he brought up the fact that if Edd wasn't there than he'll be stuck with Matt even adding to say that it would suck

I'm not really going to be touching Matt, since Matt is Matt, but in this comic he seem a little childish. Sure Matt may be a dumb cinnamon roll at times, but he can shown to be smart. Well sometimes....

And we finally got Tord. Oh sweet baby Jesus, where do I begin. I do admit that his appearance and his Red Leader outfit does look cool, but it doesn't help for the fact that he has one bad portrayal. Okay I'll be honest, I really don't like the Legacy version of Tord not since The End. I'm not saying that I hate Tord, it's that Legacy kinda ruined him as a character for me. I still like him and his Pre-Legacy incarnation. I'm getting off topic, but this brings in the point that TBATF Tord is worse than Legacy Tord. This version of Tord just makes him a villain without any with movites as to why he's taking over the world. Plus the creators thought it was a good idea to give this version of Tord ASPD....without a reasoning why

Writing lesson 101: If you're going to give a character a mental illness make sure you do your research beforehand. Don't just slap it on. It doesn't work like that 

The portrayal of the neighbors and both Paul and Patryck are actually alright since, well, they're basically side characters. That is the only saving grace that I can find 

Anyway that should be the end of this long rant. If you enjoyed it that's fine and if you didn't that's also fine. I just wanted to get this off of my chest 

Thank you for your time