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WTFuture (A 10 Year Retrospect And Apparently The Best Episode)

Posted by Lbat1901 - April 9th, 2020

Hey ya'll! Lbat1901 here and welcome to my first ever review post on Newgrounds.

I have been planning on making this for quite awhile. Basically I had this in the works ever since I've posted my little tribute of the 9th anniversary of WTFuture which made me realize that 2020 will be the episode's 10th anniversary.

My god, time has gone by so fast. I feel so old thinking about it. Why does everything gotta have an anniversary when its age hits the double digits? 

Anyway, so WTFuture. Today marks the 10th anniversary of, and if not, one of the best episodes of Eddsworld of...*inhales*.....ALL TIME and is personally my #1 favorite. The episode made its debut on February 13th 2010. 

And my golly gee, it sure was something back in the day. It's still something now. Oh the glory days of Pre-Legacy were top tier. Of course Tord leaving in 25ft Under the Seat was very sad to see, but I believe that the later episodes made up for it. It still hurts though. 

If Eddsworld could taught me anything it would be that the series can do the unthinkable in terms of plots for episodes. I mean the series gave us zombies, a view on Atlantis, superheroes, vampires, monsters, an adventure into outer space, exploring ancient ruins, an alternate universe, and heck even a trip to hell. Edd wanted to experiment on a lot of things and one faithful day, he decided to create an episode where time traveling and the future exists and BAM! WTFuture has been born into the world. 

WTFuture sits upon on throne on what great ideas can be thrown into Eddsworld and is highly respected to be starting episode on said ideas. At the time WTFuture was the most viewed video on the official Eddsworld YouTube channel. However, it got dethroned by Fun Dead which is another good episode that I also like, but it still has that reputation of trumping any other episode. 

Also it has one of the best looking posters in the entire series. I mean look at this thing, it just so gorgeous and appealing to the eye.


This one of many posters that I want to get and hang on my wall. I already have the measurements done for it. Yeah......I had a lot of time to waste. Don't judge me okay. 

In ranking and review perspective, WTFuture gets a five star in each category. You might be wondering what ranking perspective? Well since nobody wants to give out stars for each episode in Eddsworld, I self voted myself to do it. Ehh....not really. It should be judged by the fans themselves. 

But how I judged them is by using a system that designed. There are only three categories. Performance, story telling (or if you want to get technical: plot narrative), and finally impact. WTFuture has done well to earn a high ranking in all three. 

Oh and uh, if you don't know what WTFuture's plot is, please go watch it and if you do and don't remember a single thing, here's a recap. 

WTFuture tells us that Edd's (not the real life counterpart) future self travels back in time in order to do one thing: kill his past self all because of cola getting banned in the future. Are you following me with this? Good. After encountering his past self, a chance scene is followed before ending at Edd's house where the gang plans on escaping. 

And by escaping I mean by getting into bumper cars and pass by Future Edd who seems annoyed by a door. Oh and uh, you might as well put on 3D glasses while you're at it. 


Believing that they were safe in a diner, it wasn't long for Future Edd to make his arrival by throwing Hellucard through a window which killed him instantly (not really tho, since characters in Eddsworld are brought back to life in the next episode or so). Soon afterwards, Future Edd proves that his in fact Edd's future self after showing their lucky can before Future Edd puts on sunglasses and aims his pistol.

This gets interrupted by Edd stating that if he were to get killed by his future self, than it will cause a time paradox which his future self shurgs off before the scene cuts to the real life Bing which in turn totally confuses Future Edd. While he was distracted, Edd takes a barrel of cola, shakes it up, and lets it hit Future Edd right in the mouth allowing the gang to escape. 

Future Edd watches them take off before using a time traveling wristwatch to go back in time to get "reinforcements". Meanwhile, the future versions of Tom and Matt were seen coming out of time rife and stepped into an alleyway before going over a few things. Back with our lovable gang of idiots, they were seen looking at tvs in a window before going back to the bumper cars only to get stopped abruptly by Future Edd. 

Future Edd then proceeds to show off his "reinforcements" which were many different Edds from an era in time before commanding them to attack, but unfortunately, they got scared of futuristic things before running off as Future Edd facepalmed. 

To make matters worse, Future Tom and Matt showed which made the past versions of them comment on their appearance. After that, Future Tom tells Future Edd to surrender but he refuses before picking up his past self. However, Edd reaches for Tom's base before smacking Future Edd with it. This made both Toms cry out "No! Susan!" before Future Tom angrily fires his pistol at Future Edd who gets back up only to duck. 

The beam makes it way over to Edd and Matt, before Edd reaches for Matt's picture which reflected the beam as it ended up hitting a street lamp while Future Matt was seen standing right next to it. The lamp comes down which kills Future Matt who wasn't expecting it and both Toms. 

Apparently Future Tom had a time traveling device which made both Edds making a move towards it. Eventually Matt gets a hold of it and travels back in time only to make himself king of the world.

And....I just realized that I gave out the whole entire plot and spoilers to those who haven't watched it on accident. Aye....ah well, it was bond to happen anyway.

Now I hear you asking about the current view count on WTFuture. Oh I will be glad to tell you. If we were to combined both the views of it on YouTube (12,714,757) and Newsgrounds (677,059), it will currently sit on a total of 13,391,016 views. 

In conclusion, WTFuture will always be the best episodes of all time and I want this to be played in its entirety at my funeral and on my deathbed. Plus it has an amazing soundtrack. I also want to be played at my funeral. I demand it. Heck, I even want it to be played at my wedding. 

WTFuture received so much praise throughout the years and don't get started on the AUs. There's a lot of good ones such as the Future AU, Crisis AU, Red Army Au (even though it kinda falls into both the Future and Crisis AU) and it has given birth to many WTFuture fanfics and comics. Plus the fancomic tbatf also is doing the WTFutu- 

*record scratches* 

.....tbatf is doing a segment of WTFuture. No, this can't be real. It can't be....

It just can't be......

*the theme of the Shining plays in the background*

[To be continued......]